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^*^*NoLi Me TaNgErE*^*^ (satansbabe34) wrote,
@ 2005-04-22 23:41:00
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    Current mood: depressed
    Current music:Graduation Song by Vitamin C

    graduation draws near...the depression of saying good-bye to the people i've gotten so close to is taking over....I try to pretend the day where I have to say bye will never come...but at the end of the day I have to admit it to myself...IT IS GOING TO GET HERE AND I'M GOING TO HAVE TO SAY BYE.....*thats my away message right now and the subject of my entrie*

    WOW this day was going pretty good...spent most of it with Sof*gosh knowing I have to say bye to her is killing me* YES I'M GONNA MISS HER BUT I NEED TO TALK ABOUT ONE PERSON IN SPECIFIC RIGHT NOW!


    I've gotten so close to Trevor it's ridicules....Trevor is a JUNIOR *pause his name isn't even Trevor NOT EVEN HIS NICKNAME! but thats what I call him* HE IS MY TREVOR! I pretty much depend on that kid for everything! He is always there for me and i'd like to think i'm always there for him...lately he has been going through hell and I hate seeing people that I care soo much for in pain. He is one of the best persons*people* I have ever met, and truth be told I have no idea what i'm going to do without him next year. I always see his little curly hair and his weirdo smile and I just feel good. He knows all the right words to say. What i'm I going to do when I cant just drive over to his house to hang out? How am I going to react to that? TREVOR! is my world...he is one of the people that has kept me alive in this world...*cries* I hate seeing him in pain! I'D RATHER DIE A THOUSAND TIMES THEN SEE HIM IN PAIN! ahhh....I hate this why does this have to be happening right before we all have to say goodbye...All this drama people create when all we should be doing right now is being together and being happy. I'm not going to my prom...and well that way sucks, but I kinda put that on myself so I cant really complain. Graduation is practically right around the corner...Trevor is the ONLY underclassmen that i'm close to *next to Alex* Yeah Trevors not the only one that i'm going to have to say bye to *before all you guys get all hurt* but he's staying alone...atleast we well get to see eachother during the weekends *i hope* I dunno it's just so scary to know all this shit is happening the last month we are together...GET THE FUCK OVER IT PEOPLE...SUCK UP YOUR FUCKED UP PRIDE AND TALK! fuck I HATE DRAMA...yeah I have drama too, but i'm not ranting on about it to the whole fucking world like other people do....YEAH I DON'T LIKE PEOPLE, BUT DO YOU SEE MY TELLING EVERYONE OR MAKING COMMENTS TOWARDS THE PERSON *and no it's not Alyssa lmfao* anyways I dunno I got sidetracked there cuz I kinda sounded like a hypocrite saying that when I don't talk to some people cause of shit thats happened...I dunno I might regret it in the future, but I don't right now so fuck it...Yeah I was talking to my sister about all these earlier it was weird when Trevor brought it up...last night when I was picking up my room I started looking at all my stuff and all my pictures and its like..WOW I have to start packing and stuff...I don't want to leave all my stuff out...Sof wants to be here when I pack so she can get some of my stuff *YES MAKE THINGS HARDER FOR ME ASSHOLE* but yeah I dunno when I was telling my sister I started to's scary...then I see all my pictures with all my friends and its like OUCH! these people are my life, what i'm I going to do without them? So yeah I was trying to add a picture of Trevor me and Sofia, but damn photobucket isn't yes i'm off to bed...TREVOR CALL ME!

    Copyright © 2004 MaWeeN sHiT

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2005-04-24 16:52 (link)
awww :(


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