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^*^*NoLi Me TaNgErE*^*^ (satansbabe34) wrote,
@ 2005-04-19 13:41:00
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    Current mood: crappy
    Current music:Just a lil bit by 50 Cent

    well yes.
    So yeah I haven't updated much LOTS of stuff happened last week, but I dunno I guess I just I dunno it's hard to explain. So yeah me and Robby are having a McDonalds in our house. LOL. yeah I dunno last week was a HORRIBLE WEEK! like everything was going wrong and my friends were just pissing me off SOOO MUCH! I dunno this week well it really just started. So yeah LOL there was a party this past Friday, BUT I couldn't go cuz of last last Friday...yeah alcohol posioning BAD! so yeah I dunno if there was anything I had to say thats happened cuz lots of stuff has happened. OH HEY! I got another friend 0_o....wanna know his name??? RobbIE!!! lol I emphasize*sp* the IE for a reason *Trevor knows why* yeah I kinda regret not updating all that much cuz there is a lot of stuff I have been going through. SO YEAH! GRADUATION IS ALMOST HERE! my fams. throwing me this huge party!!! EVERYONE'S INVITED!! Well hmm yeah I haven't been getting enough sleep cuz RobbIE's a loser and calls UBER LATE! So yeah I dunno me and my baby are moving to Spain to become teachers...YAY! I kinda love him a lot...he's a weirdo! Well yeah i'm here putting up with Alvaro's drunkness at 1:46pm LOL thats what you call an alcoholic! J/K THE KIDS SOBER! Well i'm out ttyl peeps!

    Copyright © 2005 MaWeeNs ShIt

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2005-04-19 22:51 (link)
When is the graduation party... i wanna go lol

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2005-04-19 23:04 (link)
IT'S MAY 28th you gotta be here?!?! All the cool people are gonna be there!

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2005-04-20 16:39 (link)
lol well i will be there in Spirit ok

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