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^*^*NoLi Me TaNgErE*^*^ (satansbabe34) wrote,
@ 2005-04-10 22:08:00
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    Current mood: gloomy
    Current music:Tonight by Kutless *1 of my baby's fav. bands*

    dreading tomorrow sooo bad!

    Image hosted by

    so yeah I dunno i feel so "gay"...I EMAILED ROBBY! i had to i felt horrible and espec. with tomorrow's court shit! I need to talk to him!!! I finally told Markie what it was about...I couldn't tell Sky tho. i don't like talking about its ugh gross....I'd rather go to jail then to see "him" again. Well yeah nothing really happened since the last time i updated this thing. I GOT MY PHONE!!!!! yeah I showered and got shampoo in my eye...LOL that hurt like a bastard! Yeah lets see what else...I TOOK A NAP! which meant i let Markie take a nap too...I dunno i didn't eat a proper meal the WHOLE DAY! i told my mom to make me pancakes in the morning cuz she isn't going to the court with whatever...all fucked up i'm sooo anti-social i swear to god! i dunno i feel weird! soo many thoughts going through my head involving soo many different things..graduation is right around the corner..i'm going to leave...OH LOL SNAP! i don't think i'm going to prom after all..LOL my mom told my sister that if i don't stay in Rio after prom she wasn't going to buy my dress SO FUCK THAT i'm heading off to CINCO DE MAYO shit! i aint got time! i dunno man its like i dont care about shit anymore...I want to leave and YA!!! fuck this shit! I feel so out of place with this whole I dunno! i feel sick...i'm gonna go I need to fill out some papers for tomorrows i don't want tomorrow to come...i'm soo scared i'm going through this with my friends, but yet i feel so alone...
    Copyright © 2005 MaWeeNs ShIt

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2005-04-11 18:15 (link)
hey whats up its JOANNA sorry i havent written its just i dont feel like i can cuz i just read it and well thats bout it and well before we would talk about what happend and stuff. well i hope things go better with robby. and with the whole court thing. well hope u have fun in austin at that cinco de mayo thingy. well just thought i would say HI. well take care


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Re: hey
2005-04-11 19:26 (link)


GOSH we are soo separated now it's hardly talk and when we do we don't know what to say...THAT'S FUCKING RANDOM lol...yeah things are already better with Robby lol how long can I actually last mad at my baby...this court shit has been fucking sucking should get a journal so I know whats going on with your well i'll try to catch you later dude I have my nephews baseball game to go to..i'm not going to school all week I think so yeah I dunno when i'll actually talk to


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2005-04-12 00:04 (link)
why arent u gonna go to school :( well i know we dont talk but like not seeing u makes me sad. well im so glad things are going better for u n robby. well yeah maybe i will get a journal but yeah u gotta help me do it cuz well im not to good at these things. maybe we can do it when we are in mrs p's class. well u take care.

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2005-04-12 00:05 (link)
oh yeah i forgot to say that was me JOANNA well im sure u prolly figured

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Re: ....
2005-04-13 22:50 (link)
loser I figured it was you...hmm I see your learning your html's quiet just wait till you get to color and stuff. I'll help you make your thingy. So yeah i'm going through all that court thing, and I feel so alone. I have my friends there and thats the best, but I really wish my love was there...Well i'll try to catch you when I get back to school *which will probably be next week.* So yeah I dunno i'm going through soo many emotions right now...I have stuff to tell you about dude i'm gonna go talk to you later.

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