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^*^*NoLi Me TaNgErE*^*^ (satansbabe34) wrote,
@ 2005-04-06 21:11:00
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    Current mood: crazy
    Current music:Someday by Nickleback

    i look for honesty most of person...a HUGE! sense of humor...someone that can just be with me no questions u know...someone i can be with when i'm all dressed down and stuff someone that can be my bestfriend before he can be my boyfriend...he has to understand things i'm going through and someone thats able to talk to me about anything and know i'll be listening and someone i can talk to about anything....i want someone that i can see their future in their eyes

    That was my answer to Lon's question
    about what I look for in a relationship
    So yeah I haven't updated this thingy since bday was pretty aight i guess...random hot guys coming up to me...OH SNAP! lol today i told Robby some hot guy told me i had a nice ass and he got all worried ISN'T THAT THE CUTTEST! my baby doesn't have anything to worry about and he didn't believe me well he did but he was still worried hehe...then i asked if i had anything to worry about and he said no then OH GOSH then he sent me all these boggus messages that he meant to send to his EX!!! gosh i was like crying this is him..."what's your problem"*not exact quotes but somewhere along these lines LMFAO* "your always making excuses when i try talking to you" "i've turned girls down for you" "wtf" "what is all this shit" and then he's like "wrong window" "sorry i'm talking to my ex...stupid bitch" "sorry babe" ME "you've turned girls down for still talk to her" HIM "no before" ME "i'm going to go my tummy hurts" DISCONNECT OFF MY CELL *burst in tears* CALL SOFIE TELL HER WHAT HAPPENED LOL TELL MY SISTER THEY BOTH FREAK THEN I SIGNED BACK ON 2 messages "y babe" "omg ur not mad at me r u?" ME "you still talk to her" "no only whens shes a bitch" "i fucking hate her" ME "if u hate her why do u talk to her" HIM "cuz she knows lots of my secrets its kind of like black male" THEN I ASKED HIM SOMETHING AND HE'S LIKE "cuz last yr i'd try talking to her cuz i thought we were going to get back together but we never did" ME "if you want to be with her just tell me" HIM "i'd rather kill myself b4 i let that happen" and then we started talking about other stuff...BUT wowsers that got me so fizzed and i dunno gosh i love that kid and that made me feel like crap...i dunno today was random...I HAVE COURT ON MONDAY FUCK! only the select few know the reason i'm going for...Markie knows i'm going, but he doesn't know yeah Markie's a werid one and is a total perv *english accent* INSIDE THING lol i dunno OH FIZZ today i tried writing back to blurty cuz they sent me an email on my bday but it didn't let me open up the link to say i wasn't a chingow i better go do that...OH YEAH! lol several of my baby's poems are being published..hehe yay i just remembered he said i can put a pic of him on my journal so let me go get one...aww i always cry when i see him cuz i cant be with him...hmmm pause *LOOKING OF PICS* so yeah they are uploading...gosh i hate seeing him and not being able to be with him OH FUCK! i forgot to say I HEARD HIM! HE BOUGHT A MIC SO I CAN HEAR HIM AND LIKE ON HMMM MONDAY! HE WAS TALKING TO ME! gosh it was all staticy BUT I HEARD MY BABY'S voice I freaked! i started crying HE CALLED ME BABE! lol then he's like "i miss you so much i want to hear your voice so bad" AWWWW GOSH! lol then he gave me a kiss cuz i told him i was crying yeah let me check on those pics...yeah my comps a tad gay...hmm i dunno what else to say...yeah we were talking like on Sunday me and Robby and we were talking about the summer and he said he was going to be traveling the whole gosh I NEED TO SEE HIM! I HAVE TO FUCKING SEE HIM ITS LIKE AGH! FIZZ I WAS JUST CHECKING OUT MY OTHER JOUNRAL ENTRIES AND HEWWO U FUCK TARDS MY COPYRIGHT SAYS 2004?!?!CHINGO LMFAO neways lol well yeah this is an old pic from like the X~MAS va~ca but my sister said i should put this one SO

    Image hosted by
    ~!~MY LOVE ROBBY~!~
    Copyright © 2005 MaWeeNs ShIt

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