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^*^*NoLi Me TaNgErE*^*^ (satansbabe34) wrote,
@ 2005-03-31 23:50:00
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    Current mood: excited
    Current music:Beautiful Soul by Jesse McCartney

    last few thoughts...
    well yes let me write some quick stuff before i turn into an adult! I'VE HAD A CRAZY CHILDHOOD...not just like in high school...i mean my WHOLE childhood!...yeah i've done some pretty stupid shit, but i don't think i'd change anything in my life..well except maybe not hurting myself cuz of a guy...YEAH i went through that whole SUICIDAL PHASE cuz of a pathetic! so yeah now i can look at my life in a whole new way...people say it doesn't feel any different, but i think i's 11:52 and even though i feel the same i know like IN THE DAY TOMORROW i'll feel different...DAMN where has my life gone! first i'm graduation and now turning 18! FUCK MY SENIOR YEAR HAS FLASHED BEFORE ME! it's crazy i'm remembering all those damn times when i thought this day would never come...i'm so glad i never did anything stupid to mess up my life and i'm so glad i'm ALIVE! i may hate my life reality...i'm happy...well i don't really know what else to say...*sighs* i'm going to be 18! wow i remember when i was turning 8 and i was all sad cuz SELENA had died...hehe...HAD TO PUT THAT IN THERE! I'M SO GLAD WHERE MY LIFE IS RIGHT NOW! AND I LOVE MY FRIENDS THEY ARE THE BEST ANY PERSON CAN ASK FOR! i give my friends shit ALL the time...BUT GUYS I LOVE U ALL SOO MUCH AND I'M SO LUCKY TO HAVE YOU ALL AS MY FRIENDS! *gosh don't tell anyone i told you all* well it's 11:56pm and i'm WAY sleepy so i think i'm going to go...NEXT TIME I UPDATE...

    ~!~I'LL BE 18~!~
    Copyright © 2004 MaWeeNs ShIt

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