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Dareion (satanordemon666) wrote,
@ 2003-07-16 14:30:00
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    Current mood: cynical
    Current music:Death By Dawn: Deicide

    The Demon Arises
    For some time now I have be traped inside, no more. Unfortunatly this is the only way I'll speak out, other than concerts of course. I've been hidden only because of the girlfriend who happens to be christian, but no more. I shall speak my mind in this journal rather than the other one which is just for my love for my girlfriend. A demon does not need love, a demon needs hate and death to feed and live on....maybe sex. But other than that music seems to be my only friend. Its hatered feeds me and keeps me alive. For life isn't exactly a fairy tale, and this faget fucking system and country isn't exactly what most people like me would call the land of the free. Otherwise killing wouldn't be ilegal and nor would rape or canablism. Fuck them all, if I want to kill someone when I feel like it I should be entitled to be able to do it. If I see a really hot chick and I know shes out of my legue in fucking, I could rape her instead. Land of the free my ass. All these Bullshit laws are nothing but shit in my eyes. Music is free and could free yourself and your soul from its burden. Take it from me I was suicidle at first but then I thought what the fuck am I doing its them that should die. And they will. Evil is the way to go. Fuck all these pieces of shit. Fuck them all up there stupid asses. I have become a singer and will make my way up to the highest point posible and then speak my mind freely and fuck every girl thats hot and wants to suck my dick. Fuck you all for underestimating Evil.

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2007-04-25 22:25 (link)
your a fuckwit and if i seen you in the street i fuckin rip ya eyeballs out and eat the cunts you low life piece of shit

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