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K. Nicole (sassichik269) wrote,
@ 2003-12-29 17:00:00
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    Current mood: sick
    Current music:"Come Away With Me"-Norah Jones

    *Achoo!* I hope it aint the flu!!
    Im sitting here at the puter and briefly, i tell you ...because im sick..i cant be on for about to go and lie down..its freakin cold outside..well about 40 or 35 or whatever..I went to bed saturday nite and i was fine..woke up Sun morning and felt like shit! My nose is running, im sneezing and my glands are swollen..atleast my throat isnt sore tho..My eyes are puffy and red and watery...and i just got a glimpse of myself in the mirror and i look like the ghetto version of nose is sooo friggin red, its pitiful..i cant believe i was even out in public..i know people think im a freak! Oh well..everyone gets sick and looks like shit once in their lives and i know im not alone! Ive got a box of lotion tissue sittin on my puter desk that im desperately grabbing at eating reeses pieces that literally taste like nothing to! Whats new?? Tony called he says he's coming to Houston to see me in January..Im not overly excited..if we see each other we do..if we dont then we dont..I dont want him to be expecting anything..just see each other and let whatever happens cant be forced..we havent seen each other in years actually, so he wont be gettin any of my goodies..i hate to burst his bubble, but its officially busted! I think he got the ring that i wanted and is gonna bring it to me..the tanzanite stone in white gold..yea..i love that stone..whatever we shall see..Talked to Steph finally we reviewed her xmas..she only got a christmas card and that's it..which majorly sux..damn..she was jealous cause i gotta buttload of shit..but hey what can i say..IM LOVED!! Talked to Ray and Ash this weekend and got serious with my Degrassi Marathon this weekend, Fri, Sat & Sun..ive seen them all a dozen times but i still loved every minute of it! Specially "Holiday" that is like my favorite one ever..Goin to work tomorrow..wanna quit like today..but i just so mad at myself sometimes i swear..constantly in dilemma..well '03 has 2 days left..i guess i can continue to be an asshole untill the new year comes in, then on to my promises of being more sweet and lovin in tha '04! OMG the Mad Cow Disease is REAL!! thank God the meat isnt in TEXAS, i'd die..Ive been puttin off starting my vegetarian diet and this is more of the reason to start it..No Beef for me, im goin on a fast..only pork chicken and fish..then im gettin rid of the pork too..I'll be a partial vegan..chicken and fish and veggies and that's it!! I bet i will shed some of this ghetto booty which would be nice..Longer hair, skinnier me..yea that's what im trying to accomplish in the '04, not cutting my hair for a while!! anyways..Im blabbering more than i should be, im starting to feel dizzy from all the crap that's caught up in my nasal cavity!!

    Hugs N Kisses

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2003-12-29 23:53 (link)
Whenever i see '04 I think of Ruben Studdards song "Sorry 2004." I love that damn song.

Welp girl, it sounds like you have the flu. My best advise is to load up on some thermaflu. It always works good for my colds and it also knocks me out....which is a good thing since they say sleep is one of the best remedies for a cold.

I'm sick of this mad cow shit. If these damn farmers would stop grinding up dead cows and feeding them to other cows we wouldn't be in this situation. I love my damn beef. I need to stop eating it though to. I think i'll eat shrimp, chicken, and fish filets for now on LOL!

Feel better :)


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