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K. Nicole (sassichik269) wrote,
@ 2003-11-20 22:38:00
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    Current mood:sex-starved
    Current music:"Allure"-Jay-z ft. Pharrell Williams

    Sex in the FALL:(
    Its always nice to get laid when its cold outside..To come inside to a nice dimly lit cluttered bedroom..feel each other up with cold hands, make out...then good old fashion BONIN' LMFAO!! Yep those are the best times in the world..I wonder if i'll ever have that again? Lying down on my warm bed every night on my left side..(cant sleep without bein this way) and wonder..why is there no one beside me..This shit is gettin old..God forbid, Im almost desperate!! Extremely starved for attention..Which is why ive been spending time with my guy friends..I enjoy being adored and pampered and stared at LOL..yes im an attention whore..I cant help it!! Its cause im a Pisces..and not only am I a Pisces, but im a middle child too..which means i have middle child syndrome..Which means my favorite phrase was "Hey everybody, look at me!!" So i seen Coby this afternoon when i was getting gas for the El Caro and he pulls up and is screaming my name..I was like HEEy!! LOL Ive known this guy since I was about 4 years old..He's my best friends first cousin..He's not cute to me..but i guess cause ive known him for so long..I mean..NOOO Waay!! So me and him are goin out this weekend..Im sure we'll have fun..Me and Steph are goin out prolly too..I need to get out some more cause i always feel lonely and sad during the holidays! But Steph's birthday is coming up and we are gonna hang and shit..So Cobe is gonna prolly take me to dinner or somethin..We are also gonna go to this club called Midnite on Thanksgiving nite, they are havin some ghetto ass contest for who has the best throwback jerseys!! LOL So that should be somethin funny to report! But yea..I dunno..I need some sex but never from my guy friends..I just cant do it..I aint that horny yet!! Hopefully something great will pop off sooner or later! I heard from Amanda today!! I was so happy!! I love her..I miss her:( Im sad..She's gonna be coming to Montana with Chris for Christmas..Damn she's lucky..Hopefully me and her will get to see each other soon..New Years will hopefully bring new experiences..and lots of fun and travel and lotsa sex and stuff..LOL..well Im gonna go chat on the celly..Oh and to all my online buddies/blurty mates I wanna get your addresses so i can send you guys some christmas cards;)
    Much Love

    xoxo Kimmy

    *R.I.P Jonathan Brandis*

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2003-11-21 12:44 (link)
Dont you have my address alreayd? If not email me ill give it to you adn i need yours again so email it to me!
And you are soo funny aboutt he sex thing...i feel ya girl!! Your not the only one!


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