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Yo Yo Mandy (sarumandy) wrote,
@ 2003-09-23 20:59:00
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    Current mood: amused
    Current hehhe

    Wheee blackouts...
    Yah our power has gone out twice today. Well, actually 3 times, but I was only here for two of the times. The first time wasn't so bad, it was still light outside, so you couldn't tell, besides the fact that nothing was on. The computers were beeping away. heehee (speaking of.. I swear. If I don't find out how to delete this pop up loader.. something bad is going to happen)
    The second time was about half and hour ago. And it was dark out. And of course, I was right in the middle of doing homework! (FOUR GODDAMN MORE) Math no less! And since my test (Quest.. quiz/test) is tomorrow. I'm not feeling very confident. I didn't study at all.. Real smart Manda.. What was I doing for two hours? hehe.. reading HP of course.. o)--

    OMG Jade just gave me the FUNNIEST link!! go there NOW! it's SOOOO funny! I crack up every time, it's so cuuuuute! ahahaha, yah so I'm watching that instead of doing mi tarea de espanol.. gr.. hehehehe

    so yah..

    well I should do that.. I have 3 quizzes tomorrow and I need to study for atleast one of them.. =/ byebye!!

    <3333 Manda

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