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Sara (sarebear33) wrote,
@ 2003-09-24 14:44:00
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    Go0o0o Seekonk!
    Alright. We've got our game today!! :) I cant wait to play every1. (if my coach plays me). GAH. im so upset. The guy i like is so DUMB! its so obvious i like him.. and he isnt gettin the hint. w/e. I dunno if im going to the homecoming dance on saturday. Ive got no1 to go with... and i hafta work (my first day!!) that morning. Im gunna be so tired. Yea. So... anywayz. I changed the look of my blurty.. i kinda like this a lot better than that stupid box thing. Me and casey still arent talking. I dont intend on talking to her anytime soon either. I heard some things that she said to sum1 else. oh well. Oh... two of my other friends (who shall remain nameless) have been talkin about me for like a month now.. and i just found out. Wow, i feel so stupid. I guess im finding out who all my true friends are. Yea so heres a random survey i got from Andy. :) Thanx.

    [x]Name: Sara
    [x]Birthdate: 17th June
    [x]Birthplace: Fairfax, Va.
    [x]Current Location: Seekonk, Ma.
    [x]Eye Color: Dark brown
    [x]Hair Color: Dark brown
    [x]Height: 5'4
    [x]Righty or Lefty: Righty
    [x]Zodiac Sign: Gemini

    [x]Your heritage: French, Greek, Polish and English.
    [x]The shoes you wore today: my black flip flops with the flowers
    [x]Your weakness: He has no idea... but its *him*
    [x]Your fears: spiders, ants (dont ask), drowning...
    [x]Your perfect pizza: cheese, peperoni, sausage, bacon, ham... mmmmm.
    [x]Goal you'd like to achieve: Become a forensic Scientist

    [x]Your most overused phrase on AIM: So0o0o.
    [x]Your thoughts first waking up: God i wish i was skinny and pretty.
    [x]Your best physical feature: I've been told by so many people i have amazing legs. so ill put that.
    [x]Your bedtime: anywhere from 9:30 to 10:30
    [x]Your most missed memory: When i live in virginia... I miss you guyz so much.

    [x]Pepsi or Coke: coke
    [x]McDonald's or Burger King: Burger King
    [x]Single or group dates: um duznt matter to me. Ive never really been on a real *date*
    [x]Adidas or Nike: nike
    [x]Lipton Ice Tea or Nestea: eww neither. i hate tea
    [x]Chocolate or vanilla: chocolate
    [x]Cappuccino or coffee: gross. i hate coffee.

    [x]Smoke: Never
    [x]Cuss: Well, i do.. but not as much as i use to
    [x]Sing: Yes, but not very well. lol*
    [x]Take a shower everyday: Yup yup.
    [x]Have a crush(es): yea. but its no use cause he doesnt like me like that.
    [x]Do you think you've been in love: well.. if i still like him 5 months after he hurt me... then i guess so
    [x]Want to go to college: Hell yea.
    [x]Like high school: Yes. I actually do like high school.
    [x]Want to get married: Yes. I wanna marry the *man of my dreams*
    [x]Believe in yourself: All the time.... sometimes. lol

    LAYER SIX: ( In the past 3 months... )
    [x]Drank alcohol: Yes. Not that much. just a sip of a margarita and some coors light. :)
    [x]Smoked: Nope and i never will.
    [x]Done a drug: Nope, never.
    [x]Had Sex: Nope i beleive in abstinance
    [x]Made Out: nope i havnt had my first kiss yet either.
    [x]Gone on a date: Nope.
    [x]Gone to the mall: Nope.
    [x]Eaten an entire box of Oreos: No, i havnt had an oreo in a long time.
    [x]Eaten sushi: Actually yes i have. I tried it over the summer (for the first time) GROSS! lol
    [x]Been on stage: Nope, but i will on friday for the pep rally.
    [x]Been dumped: Nope, I haven't had anyone to get dumped by, lol... *sigh*
    [x]Gone skating: Nope ... sadly.
    [x]Made homemade cookies: lol all the time.
    [x]Gone skinny dipping: haha nope not in a long time.
    [x]Dyed your hair: LFMAO!!! YEA AND IT TURNED OUT LIKE SHIT!
    [x]Stolen anything: well yea i took 5 dollars outta my dads wallet. *what? lol i needed lunch!*

    LAYER SEVEN: ( Ever.. )
    [x]Played a game that required removal of clothing: Yea. lmfao. good times.
    [x]If so, was it mixed company: Yup.
    [x]Been trashed or extremely intoxicated: Nope.
    [x]Been caught "doing something": Nope.
    [x]Been called a tease: yup.
    [x]Gotten beaten up: nope. i never really have..
    [x]Shoplifted: Nope.
    [x]Changed who you were to fit in: Nope. What you see is what you get. :)

    [x]Age you hope to be married: 26
    [x]Numbers and Names of Children: I want 2 kids, a girl (Dacia) and a boy (Derrick)
    [x]Describe your dream wedding: Well, the man of my dreams, and a nice simple white dress.
    [x]How do you want to die: i want to die in my sleep.
    [x]Where you want to go to college: UMASS Dartmouth.
    [x]What do you want to be when you grow up: A forensic Scientist
    [x]What country would you most like to visit: Italy, and France.

    LAYER NINE ( In a guy/girl.. )
    [x]Best eye color?: Blue or Green
    [x]Best hair color?: brown :)
    [x]Short or long hair: well i like the hair like its long, but its short.. gah i sound stupid. lol like... Tyson's hair!
    [x]Best weight: doesnt matter.
    [x]Best articles of clothing: doesnt matter.
    [x]Best first date location: see below.. lol
    [x]Best first kiss location: well i think that on the beach at night while looking at the stars. that my dream date.

    [x]Number of drugs taken illegally: none
    [x]Number of people I could trust with my life: One
    [x]Number of CDs that I own: way too many to count
    [x]Number of piercings: two. i used to have three but it got infected.
    [x]Number of tattoos: none at the moment but i want some :)
    [x]Number of times my name has appeared in the newspaper?: um... twice i think.. lol
    [x]Number of scars on my body: i have a lot on my legs.. dont ask.
    [x]Number of things in my past that I regret: Well. There are two things that i regret every single day.


    last cigarette: never had one
    last kiss: never had one
    last good cry: today when i got home from school thinking about last year
    last library book checked out: um some nancy drew book i think. lol
    last movie seen: The Core. good movie.
    last book read: Well right now im reading Ender's Game. great book!
    last cuss word uttered: Bitch.
    last beverage drank: strawberry kiwi juice
    last food consumed: fries
    last phone call: brittney
    last tv show watched: Wake up music videos (on MTV this morning.
    last shoes worn: black flip flops with flowers.
    last cd played: John Mayer "Heavier Things"
    last song downloaded: "Sugar Pie Hunny Bunch"
    last annoyance: My brother
    last disappointment: lets not go there
    last soda drank: um... root beer.
    last thing handwritten: GO SHS on my hand
    last word spoken: Look i told my brother not to look at what i was typing.
    last sleep: ..... last night...
    last im/icq/sms: Erika
    last weird encounter: When Sandra screams LETS GET IT IN MOTION!!! and flung her hands in the air. lmao
    last ice cream eaten: wow i havnt had ice cream in the longest time. GOO ME!
    last amused: um. i dont know.
    last time wanting to die: Today.
    last time in love: Last year.
    last time hugged: Um... Lauren Chu. THATS MAH GURL!! lol
    last time scolded: on sunday my dad screamed at me cuz i called him a dick head.
    last chair sat in: this one.
    last lipstick used: none.
    last shirt worn: Volleyball Uniform
    last time dancing: um. winter ball last year
    last poster looked at: my shane west one that i ripped up. heh.
    last show attended: dont laugh. *NSYNC. LONG TIME AGO DAMNIT>
    last webpage visited: ...Andys Blurty

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Re: Hey hey!
2003-09-24 21:50 (link)
Heyz. lol thanx. thats what i thought it was called... i just wasnt sure. lmao.. i love the little eyes. yea i had fun reading your survey too... kinda. yea.... it was a lil sad. all you talked about was kristen. w/e. gots ta go. Byez*

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