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{h&s} (sarahanna) wrote,
@ 2004-01-22 00:25:00
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    Current mood:high

    YEAHEE!! :)
    WOW, what a nice day! ^^ especially compared to yesterday.. -_- first, i get a small mp3 player (i always wanted to buy one!) from my father's boss, then a kaufhof coupon (50 euros!! yahoo~) from my dad, who won the "yut nori"-game, and then... tadaaa~~ i get an information in my mailbox that the internet connection in my dorm room is finally working!!! :D yeahee yeahee yippieh yeahee! ^o^ i thank you, god!! i am in a really good mood right now.. i just wish that my sarah pie was with me.. so that i could hold her close to me and share my happiness with her.. i miss you soo much, my sweet darling pie.. like my notebook missed the internet~ ;) i hope that you are coming online today.. i can't wait!! hm.. i guess you have your meeting today though, right? ah well. i'm gonna wait for you until you sign in!! until the end of time.. that's how long i'll wait for you.. :)

    oh dear, my girl.. i am soo full right now!! o_o i ate too much~ today is the korean "choo-suk" (new year's eve?) at the moon calendar. so we were invited for dinner at my father's boss' house. he lives in meerbusch (not far from dd) with his family, in a large and nice house.. man, they must be really rich.. they have like 3 or 4 TVs in their house, a huge one on the wall.. we watched "lord of the rings - the two towers" and the beginning of "pirates of the carribeans".. i watched both in the US!! the second one with my sarah pie in L.A. it was always soo much fun to watch movies with you, my love.. :D i can't wait to be with you again!! yea.. so we ate.. very much.. like kalbi (yum!), different sorts of kimchee, salad, jabchae, korean pancakes, kongnamul.. and of course dduk-gook, the traditional korean soup that you eat on new year's day.. i ate and ate but the food wouldn't disappear from my plate.. haha! guess i took too much (again).. -o- i wish that my sarah pie could have come with us and eat with me!! i know that she likes kalbi a lot.. stimmt's? :P *mwah*
    after playing yut-nori (the women and girls didn't play), we ate some fruit (apples and oranges).. ouf, i felt like bursting!! o.o mmm.. i always eat so much.. my stomach is gonna grow again.. :'(

    now i can forget the terrible day yesterday.. hehe~ first i fell down on my stomach after jumping from a (quite) high door on a forrest way and hurt my right knee.. then i missed the train to school and got out at the wrong stop after taking the bus.. then i got lost and walked around with my wounded knee.. frustrated, pissed and tired.. and then after all this, i burned my right hand at my (mini) oven!! -_- geez.. i really don't know what was wrong with me.. i'm just glad that this day is over now! and hope that a day like this won't ever come again!!
    yea, that's one of the reasons i am sooo happy - i mean OVERJOYED (hehe!) to finally have my own internet connection!! :D i had to wait for it sooooo long (for ages!)..

    i think i'm gonna take a break now and watch some tv.. while waiting for my darling.. ^^
    hope you enjoy this entry!! my first one (of many)! :) *proud*

    sooo much... <3<3
    with all my <3 !! <3<3
    ~~and i always will~~

    forever yours,
    dein @-->>->
    hanna *sternchen* pie~

    p.s.: did my package finally arrive??! oh girl.. it's taking forever!! >_

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2004-01-22 00:12 (link)
Wow Hanna kuchen, u had such a good day! I'm so glad! I love you with alll my heart!!!
forever yours,
Sarah Aline

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2004-02-09 12:40 (link)
thank you, my darling! :) it would have been so much better if you had been with me, though.. ^^
i love you with all my heart, too!! <3 !!!너무너무 사랑해!!! *키스*
영원히, @-->>->
너의 한나 파이~
(für immer
dein hannakuchen!)

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