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sara (sara25) wrote,
@ 2004-07-29 21:12:00
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    Back finally
    hey i am back i have been gone to the lake..right now blaire is at my house and i found out that i am on the lions with hcirstina!!YEAH! and blaire is going to swtitch over to my i really hope my year turns up a lot better then it was last year! last year sucked....but i have christina and hopefully blaire and NO TONYA OR 2B! thank god.........yah well i broke up with will..i now i go out with this i guy that i met at the lake i have known him for like a year hes really sweet sometimes haha it was really cool we were standing on the sand stairing at the lake water and were making out it was a great experience for "summer love"!yah i am statrting to get a better thing out of life and relizing when you have family and stuff to support you mostly god it all worth to grow up and become a person that you have dreamt about and always coudlent wait till you grown up and get married its just a great feeling that i cant wait till it happends to me but now i have my 2 bffs blaire n christina and they are what i have to push me through my touhg times and we et in fights but THEY ARE WORTH IT! i love them soo much i can tell them about my problems and i can trust them and i thank god to have them!

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