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rubics cubes are kinky (santastalkchild) wrote,
@ 2003-04-07 13:14:00
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    little question....thingy....bobber...?
    i got this from ashley's journal ;) hope you don't mind!

    i hurt: My big toe
    i love: to laugh
    i hate: my father
    i cry: because I'm too full
    i fear: time
    i hope: that I will be happy soon
    i sadden: my mother
    i feel: trapped and suffacated
    i kill: ants. Pure Murder.
    i talk: to my cat
    i listen: to shredded hope in a c.d player
    i break: all of the rules
    i see: only what i want
    i smell: cat litter
    i taste: old bagel
    i remember: everything he said
    i hold on for: fear of falling
    i hide: who i really am
    i pray: and then i go outside to watch the pigs fly above me ;)
    i walk: to clear my thoughts
    i drive: myself into a lonely corner
    i read: words?
    i burn: your mom
    i breathe: second hand smoke >_<
    i dance: like there was no tomorrow
    i play: with peoples thoughts
    i sing: like a freaking phsycho :D
    i miss: my mommy
    i want: her not to die
    i wish: that cancer didn't exist
    i know: that she will die soon
    i said: the word "socks" a trillion billion times before
    i dream about: infinity
    i have no: concept of reality
    i fall for: lies and broken promises
    i wait to be: saved from my personal hell
    i need to: keep my mouth shut
    i live without: anyone knowing the real me
    i die within: a microwave

    anyway, It's snowing. I'm tired. Saves the day plays Freakish on my stereo and i feel exactly that....freakish.

    have a good one, kidddies....


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2003-04-07 18:10 (link)
no i dont care ;)

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