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Because the Wind is High it Blows my Mind. (sansmind) wrote,
@ 2004-01-06 17:45:00
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    Current mood:so calm, so good

    I'm on call today but luckily they don't need me at job. Luck because my face is still swollen and i have a bruise on my right cheek.

    I've been incredibly productive these two days, i finally got out of my mail slump and mailed packages yesterday AND some pc's. Today i hope to finish the rest of the Pc's i wanted to send out.

    Today i went to Walgreens and dropped off some negatives, there's 21 prints in total and i want doubles so i'll end up paying $16 and some cents. I can send some of the better ones as postcards for those of you who come across my journal and of course to my faithful members of the thirty7cents community.

    I haven't done much reading lately but these two days i actually managed to read 3.5 chapters of one of the best children's book ever! I've also been working on stencils and buying postage and making envelopes. I love this productivity, it makes me feel that these are my last hours so i must take advantage before i croak.

    My pages in the Parabolic are finished, my mind is clear, i have film, i have batteries, i have all the supplies [of course they're all on the floor] and i'm happy right now. All because they didn't call me in to work today.

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2004-01-07 14:52 (link)
i'm so proud of you!

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2004-01-07 22:37 (link)
Thank you my love,

hopefully we can both get rid of this laziness.

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2004-01-12 21:10 (link)
I received your postcard on Saturday. My scanner is being a dirty whore otherwise I would post it. Or maybe my computer is being the dirty whore. It won't communicate with the scanner. Anyway, just wanted to let you know. When I get to the bottom of exactly which one of my devices is having the problem, then I will post to the community.

Hope you don't mind my language. I'm in a vulgar mood for some reason.

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2004-01-20 20:19 (link)
holy crap, it only took me a week and a day to respond

i'm glad you received the postcard, i was hoping it didn't get lost
(i wonder where all the lost mail goes)

don't worry about posting it and i don't mind the language at all

thank you for informing me

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