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Because the Wind is High it Blows my Mind. (sansmind) wrote,
@ 2003-09-18 05:59:00
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    Current mood:c.razy?

    Reply to your reply that u didn't allow.
    Good Night Everyone/Anyone

    There's so much to think about, so many things to discuss, many more things to draw, so much, it's all too much...

    I'm going to desperately try to fall asleep, i've come to the conclusion i need a + 5:42 AM buddy to talk to. There's nobody here but us chickens.

    When i was little i use to always want someone to play with, now i don't know how. I have my pen in my mouth, i guess it's time to draw in the dark again. Coherence? Kiss my ass! People??? who needs People??? i have plenty of entertainment here :::pokes eye:::

    Oh i was seeing too many extra lights, i have stigmatism so light bothers me. Lights are still there.

    I was reading someone's journal and i do care. I don't know why but i do. I'm always asking myself why and i try answering honestly and i don't think i know. i get attached to some people, there's some reason [perhaps curiosity] that i do. And of course i can't have anyone change their perception of themselves from one stupid [seemingly general] comment but... no but. And it's not just curiosity. I wish i could help but then you wouldn't learn. Sure u feel vulnerable, i hate that feeling, but grow a callous. takes time to heal, i know, i have all my scars intact. Kris said scars were beautiful... not when it's most of your body.

    No, you're wrong. all you have IS yourself, but you can't deny other people care... for whatever reason they might have, and for whatever intentions. You can't shelter yourself... you can't be like me because then you limit what you can become...

    hey lets go to [wall], what are you [wall], are you [wall], speak to me [wall], okay.. bye [wall...wait, what? Where did...]

    man... am i going crazy?

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2003-09-18 23:40 (link)

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