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Fiona (sanjitutu) wrote,
@ 2003-11-03 12:17:00
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    do you ever get that feeling that you are a big fat tag along? like the people you are with dont really like you, you just happen to be there? Thats how i feel alot lately. It fucking sucks a dick. I hate life, i hate my school. For the first tim in 3 days i am listening to something other than boy bands.

    My parenst are out of town for a week and i cant wait to go to yumis.

    I wonder how she is, whats he doing. Im worried lately for all my frineds. Ayumi, paul, mickey. Especially those three. I love you guys if you read this.

    Offspring. Nypd blue. I want to grow up. To drive.


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2003-11-04 02:09 (link)
i love you too!
i just got off the phone with troy. he called me. things seem to be back to normal now. one less thing to worry about. im so glad. thank you so much for helping me through the week. man, what a week. and vball is just about over!! it probably will be completely over by the time youread this...perhaps.
i hope everything is ok for you too.
aah. trig.....urgh. im so not looking foward to it.
i can't wait till you come over either! I love you!!


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2003-11-09 00:29 (link)
i wanna drive, too.
*hugs* love you
i always feel like a tagalong. and i MEAN always.

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2003-11-09 04:11 (link)
hey, you doin alright? i wish you didn't fell like i hated you the whole time you were at my house because thats not true at all. i hope you stop feeling crappy, love you.

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