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Gypsy On A Rampage (sanctifiedhurt) wrote,
@ 2003-06-07 07:14:00
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    Current mood: predatory

    I hate barbie
    Women have been subjected to unwillingly having thier sexuality programmed into them. From birth w/ the pink hats, from toys, to comercials, magazines, even the people they surround themselves by.

    Soul less models advertise themselves everywhere. And 99% of them look like the toy "Barbie." The one's most of us women played with when we were young, and grew up thinking this was the "accepted" look. These models are flawless, perfect women... selling thier souls for a fascade, selling thier bodies, and selling low self esteem. Where are our everyday full figured , curvy ladies in the modeling industry? And why can't barbie's be fat?! Why must they all be long legged, skinny, big asses, big titty women? Who decided what was considered beautiful?

    Even Even by at LEAST 10 boys seem to find this breed of women the excepted beauty. They think there "sexy"~ and continue to idealize sexy as the barbie look-flawless. Real people have flaws.

    Are we going to let Matell run and conform our minds until the death of individuality?? Maybe I should write and ask them.

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