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David's reality (samus667) wrote,
@ 2005-07-28 22:04:00
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    Current music:U2- "sometimes you can't make it on your own"

    Everyone loves a tired man
    Image hosted by
    This is me at 8 o'clock before I left the house to teach my swim lessons

    Image hosted by
    And this is me afterwards about an hour and a half later....sorry i'm just not a morning person...but don't you just love my instructor shirt!?

    But yeah anywayz the past few days have been pretty birthday wuzn't so bad after all! I hung out at Psalmond Road pool all day working...and they were all awesome to me....and then i went to cross country practice with Kayla! Lol.....Kayla is my favorite person! Yeah over the past few days Kayla and I have been talking ALOT more now that she's back....and now i'm reminded of why she's one of my best friends...cuz she's awesome! But yeah we're getting closer now and that's cool. I have three more days of work left so, let's hope I can make it through it! After that it's all smooth sailing for about two weeks until we have to go back to school...i should probably finish the Inferno....i don't have too much left to read. But yeah i'll get to see Gloria and all my friends again when we go back to school! I miss them all sooooo much!!!

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2005-07-31 23:24 (link)
Everyone loves a man who updates.

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