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David's reality (samus667) wrote,
@ 2005-04-19 08:32:00
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    Current mood:frustrated
    Current music:none

    Sometimes life just sucks
    Ya know sometimes life just sucks alot. I hate it that Amanda and i have to been alone to get any kind of attention from her. Even then she still acts like she doesn't care at all. I feel sometimes that she doesn't like me at all because anytime we're around other people it's like i don't exist at all. Overall it just feels to me like she doesn't care. I've tried to talk to her but I can't get to her because she isn't at home to talk on the phone or she's ignoring me at school. She likes to act like i don't exist and talk to her friends. It's like i'm not even there. I guess she just completely forgot about me Prom night as well...after she took me home she stayed out all night. First time i heard of it wuz Monday....I guess she didn't tell me because it wuzn't important that i be included. I just wish sometimes she would act like she cares....that she would just pay attention..slow down enough in her own life and troubles long enough to notice that i'm still here....because i still like her alot.
    God help me.

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2005-04-20 22:40 (link)
u need to update

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2005-04-21 17:18 (link)
These are the things you need to talk to her about. I think it's one of those things that girls don't realize when they first start dating somebody.. that guy actually does like them. She might not even think you want her attention. It sounds crazy, I know, but just try to be blunt (yet nice). :) Haha and if that doesn't work.. let me know and I'll have that girly chat. ;)

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