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sam (sammygurl) wrote,
@ 2005-09-22 22:19:00
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    today at work was relatively painless, if you don't count the period cramps i suffered through.

    yes, i'm talking about my period and cramps and how it makes me grouchy and impatient. not so much with my patients, but with my friends and D.

    last night i pretty much bit his head off for not calling me fast enough, and then i cut the conversation short and said that i was pms'ing, and i was tired and didn't want to talk. so we hung up.

    however men put up with us women when we're like this, i'll never know. a big kudos to you men though for enduring it.

    it's not such a picnic going through it though i must admit.

    the cramps alone are enough to make me want a hysterectomy. it's not like i want kids anyhow. actually, a coworker brought her newborn in for everyone to see and all the girls were oohhhing and awwwing over him, and i just looked at him and shivered like he was the plague or something. i don't want to come off as a kid hater, but i just can't fathom having one of them.

    i love my nephew to death, but at the end of the day, he's at home with his mom. not me.

    anyhow, i'm going to go watch a documentary i just finished downloading then i'm heading to bed.

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2005-09-22 23:20 (link)

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2005-09-23 08:03 (link)
don't spam my journal you asshole.

get a real job.

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2005-09-23 12:58 (link)

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2005-09-23 13:28 (link)
lol, why are you laughing, she spooged all over your journal too.

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2005-09-23 19:58 (link)
because I just deleted it, but you go in guns blazing...cracks me up

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2005-09-23 13:58 (link)
what do you take for cramps?

they've put me on the Pill before I even had sex because my cramps used to give me convulsions!

growing up i thought that was normal (I mean of course i didn't go into convulsions every month, but at peak months only)... but they always sucked.... now I take the Pill back-to-back so I never get a period...

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2005-09-23 14:31 (link)
i can't take the pill. i smoke and there is heart and stroke history in my family.

i just took some extra strength tylenol and an extra break.

it helped a lot.

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2005-09-23 14:33 (link)
that's good.

glad it worked.

hard to be on your feet when you're bleeding & cramping!

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2005-09-23 14:35 (link)
amen sister.

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2005-09-23 22:35 (link)
Who needs the Pill? Other people's children are the best possible form of birth control.

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2005-09-24 16:24 (link)
yes, but other people's children don't help keep your skin smooth and prevent breakouts.

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2005-09-24 21:58 (link)
when i'm pmsing i find rolling in bed and moaning like a bloated, smelly ape works very well. it also endears people to you.
and yeah, whats the big deal about children...? they're just small, incapable little people.

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