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Samantha (samjane) wrote,
@ 2006-05-11 13:17:00
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    Current music:gabriel + dresden vs depeche mode-here is the house

    the unknown
    The unknowns in life are what makes my life exciting, instead of just 'living.' Which is kind of odd when I think more about it because I don't like not knowing stuff. I know what I'm doing tomorrow.. and I have 3 days from now pretty much planned out. I'm not always like that but lately I've had a lot of things on my agenda.. then throw work into the picture = I have to plan ahead to get shit done.

    One 'unknown' in my life is getting so fucking frustrating. A special someone is the LAST thing I want/need in my life right now but why would I accept his invitation with no further thought? I am so done with looking into the crowd and only seeing him. I know I don't need him, pretty sure I'll never have him, and positive about him not wanting me but why? I am so over asking 'what if?' I swear I have been asking 'what if' for forever now.

    I am horrible about wanting things I cannot have then once I get them, I toss them to the side like a dirty sock. But in this situation, I know it would be different.

    Sometimes it's better to keep it a mystery...

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