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Sam Dark (samdark7) wrote,
@ 2004-04-13 11:55:00
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    Current mood:drained

    i've been so sick lately. i got the food poisoning and i puked all night on saturday. i then puked all sunday and everytime i thought it was over, it happened again. i hadn't eaten much on saturday and was amazed on how much stuff came up. so now i'm dehydrated and can't walk vvery far without falling. it was the worst easter ever. i wanted to get a second job yesterday and this screwed it all up. and my clothes are dirty... i neeed to be better now...... and i didn't want to smoke pot at all cause i was sick and so i didn't do it until last night. i just thought it would help me sleep. it helped releive so much pain and nausiia. so now i know i'll be better. melissa called too. i had to puke in the middle of our conversation. she misses me alot. i want to get away from here so bad and move to columbia. i like that city. i want to be with a new crowd and makes some new friends. i'm kinda sick of all my friends pessimism. it will all get better, it should. i will miss johnny but if he can't control his addictions then i must leave. he is very dangerous and talking about suicide. i will miss erin alot too but she is holding me back in so many ways. i am holding her back as well. living with her has sucked me into her lightless hell and i need to be free. she isn't going to change for the better anytime soon and i'm changing for the worst.

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