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Samantha (sambrooke) wrote,
@ 2003-10-29 01:37:00
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    Current mood: bouncy

    Hey! what's up! Well I'm bored as hell! there is nothin to do.I should be asleep right now,but im like not tired at all,so I figured I will just stay up and letchu people know how boring my day I didn't do anything really Got up took a bath and got dressed that's about it..! I went to town too,But that was boring of course.. I stayed up all night lastnight! with Annie,My she kept me up all night,so I was kinda inna pissy mood all day again today,which I guess that's Vanessa is mad at me I think..Her and William called me lastnight,and they were pissin me off..Ok get this they called me and they were all like ask for Justin,they said they were callin some Justin guy,a guy that William talks to,and I was like ok,So I asked for him! and they really called KD. So I felt pretty damn stupid after that! and it really pissed me off..then KD.called me and was like so,your bein a bitch tonight huh? So,therefore Vanessa told him I was bein a "bitch"! I was just in a crappy ass mood lastnight and really could of cared-less for talkin on the yeah I guess I was kinda bein a bitch,but hey everybody's a bitch once inna while...damn...But n-eways..I'm gonna go finish watchin this movie now! So..Buh-Bye!
    -*-Bunches of Luv 2 ya-*

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