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~*~KRiS~*~ (safekid) wrote,
@ 2003-04-17 22:59:00
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    ~*~My WeeK~*~
    My week~~>sh!tty...myuncle passed away this week andit's been realll hard on me ya know. It's crazy how I had seen him the day before and he was fine, everything was good, we joked and laughed and talked about him coming to mygraduation and then to receive news that he's dead. It's crazy because he seemed like the type that could never die. He was the funny, class clown type of guy. He always had a joke or story to tell, kept you in stitches and he would always hit us off wit some money if we needed it, andif he could do anything for anybody he would. It just doesnt make sense to me how he could just suddenly pass away and the thingis he died alone, by himself in that room with nobody there. I'm just at a loss right now I dont know what to think. They arent' even burying him because it's too expensive and nobody had $6,000 to give him a burial and everything so we'll have a service and they're gonna cremate him.

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