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The Blue Gothling (sacrificeelegy) wrote,
@ 2004-06-10 16:42:00
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    Current mood: cynical
    Current music:The Leaving Song Part II- AFI

    One day left of school, and then exams start. I'm so exicted I could pass out. Gag.

    The only "Logical" thing to turn to at this time: Cynicism.

    I am so atrociously sick of people at this moment in time, that I'm running out of reasons not to become a homicidal maniac. You would not believe the kind of people that one is forced to deal with around here! Alright, there are two basic types.

    +Type 1: The ditzy, good for nothing, pain in the ass, loud seniors who can't stop their f*cking sob stories about leaving their friends and going to college.
    *My Commiseration Level: 0. Well, it was your descision, you moron, so shut up already!

    +Type 2: The scum of the earth types who never stop talking, and must be annoying every waking moment of the blasted day just so the rest of us can end up on medication.
    *Commiseration Level?: Negative 6. They can go fall down a friggin well.

    My only other problem here is I've developed Junior-Year-A-Phobia. Yeah. I know. It's pathetic, but true.

    Think positive, think positive.....I suppose I'll get to see my friends a lot after testing. And this summer if there are no secular disasters or family vacations. (Synonomous.)

    Oh, and Nick is coming over tomorrow. (Thanks random diety.)

    I think I'm going to crawl inside of his arms, his mind, his heart, and just hide forever. It's all too much for me anymore. I'm losing my will to time, and my heart to hollowness. Anymore, I'm really starting to wonder what's left .....

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