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Psychopathic Ryda (rydindirtay04) wrote,
@ 2004-02-03 20:28:00
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    Current mood: angry
    Current music:Tech N9NE - Slacker

    I'ma Slacker!
    WHADDUP YA'LL????? How's it been? My weekend was really fresh. Lemme TELL you!

    Sunday night I went to the mall again wit' Sammy, and we saw Dave at Spencers. It was fresh, Dave wanted me to go buy a faygo for him, so I did, and then me and sammy just walked around, and all that good shit. We left, and then on Monday after I got home from school I went to the mall wit' Zac. We met Siena, And Bill there, and We just chilled. I lit up a cigarette in the food courte, all ranting and raving how "I Aint SCURRED", and then ran outside with quicknezz. Fucking Jackie got my other cigarette Wet, which sucks.

    it dried, and Zac bought me Cream Saver Soft Candys. Well fuck that, he bought himself them, but I stole them, and then he put on a fucking flame beanie and glasses that were huge. Siena rocked the pink glasses, and me and bill were just...normal. We were sitting in the food court and I was rocking the blue and white bandanas up my left arm and some kid walks up and starts asking if "I was cripping". I said no, cause I aint no Crip. I aint in no gang, but I got a gang to back me...The Agencie, the muthafuckas you don't wanna FUCK Wit. ANyways, Tuesday passes, and I had a detention. I helped out Melissa, cause this kid Frankling was about to punch her. I don't like it when guys punch girls, and seeing that he's 90 pounds, and I'ma 192, I picked him up and warned him. She was about to get jumped after school, but she walked with me and eddie. You know. Anyways, Peace.

    My website.

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