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Russell (rwallace) wrote,
@ 2004-02-02 18:59:00
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2004-02-02 18:16 (link)
Update: More Than Bob asks everyone interested in 7th Sea to contact him anyway:

More Than Bob: alright, whether they are interested in the 7th sea community or not...have them get ahold of me.
Russell: Okay, what shall I tell them it's for?
More Than Bob: related to some questions on 7th Sea GMing
Russell: I can ask, but I don't think you're likely to get any responses without being more specific :)
More Than Bob: i just have some questions about GMing. Theah lore related
Russell: Okay, I'll pass on the word.

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2004-02-02 23:45 (link)
.... nah. I'll pass. :o)

I can see it now... each major twink from each game trying to say how he's the most powerful in all of Theah and trying to belittle the other twinks, or how 'no, you've got it wrong... avalon isn't like that, it's like this because our gm says so.'

*is all for keeping Theah within it's own little world and without outside influences trying to muscle in on what each group has created.*

It was bad enough when Hyp 'twinked' that whole "I Invent Calculus" thing out of his ass because he had read that Calculus hadn't been invented yet and saw it as a way to get major Rep Points for nothing.

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2004-02-02 23:54 (link)
Why do I not blame you in the least? :)

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