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Falk0un (rvnvariety) wrote,
@ 2003-09-21 18:52:00
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Re: hmmm
2003-09-24 08:55 (link)
Some go into hysterics? Wow... For me when I was looking at your picture I used 2 ways of trying to judge. The first time I did (which was the first time I saw it), I judged by what I simply saw (which was when I thought filipino). The second time I looked at it in order to see what was going on I did it from a more scientific standpoint. Then I got the hawaiian thing out. HAHHAA I did stuff like comparing eye size, face shape, nose, etc. ZEPH!~ I bet you are wondering why I am so into this topic, but it's because I think it's the way of the new world... It seems we are all mixed in this world... except for you =P. Ok back to what I was talking about. So yes I used that method. The picture wasn't bad actually, it was the one of you and two of your friends. It isn't bad in the sense that I got a clear view of your face (and hair!), but I would have also preferred a picture of you from a bit of a closer range.

Zeph you are right with you opinion, there is actually nothing wrong with being Asian. I know that there is nothing wrong with that, my thing was on how some people try too hard to claim something that doesn't exactly apply(thus my half swedish example). Although in the cases where people actually are mixed I've noticed that they more often slide to one side in preference. I think that is what is incorrect. More often than not they slide to that side because they wish they would seem more like it. Also just to inform you Kyra is German and Lebanese. Kyra is a good example of what I was just saying. I'll use him as an example because he admits to it. He has for a long amount of time only participated in middle eastern food festivals, had middle eastern friends, etc. He had obviously preferred his Lebanese side mostly because nobody ever believe he was in fact lebanese. The didn't like having to accept that the german he had inherited was the language and the looks (which you would think would overrun the rest). He can speak and understand some german and arabic. In current day life he has learned to accept his heritage and is no longer in denial about it.

Another example would be me. I, for a long time, did not want to accept that I was in fact not full Egyptian. My grandmother's race never seemed to phase me until I was 12. I then realized that she was NOT egyptian (she's half mongolian and half russian). I admire people who can be proud of their race in a balanced way.

You know, I recentally met someone who was half puerto rican and half filipino. Can you guess what she looked like? She looked almost all entirely white. Who would have guessed? It kicked my theories down... but then I thought about it more. She had dirty blonde hair, blue-green eyes and a super pointy nose. The only clue I had as to her being mixed, was her eyes. They were slanted (but not too slanted). Her eyes were really pretty... I think that her puerto rican side was probably made up of the european immigrants that fled there. Also that the racial mixing took in more because of the spaniard in the filipino side. That was how she turned out looking completely european.

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Re: hmmm
2003-09-24 08:57 (link)
I've also met people who have wanted to be asian! Ok, I just had to add that because it seems that all we've talked about was the opposite of this. I once had an Irish teacher who came to school in Chinese dresses and would say that she had been chinese in her past life. But I guess thats different... she never claimed to be half or a quarter asian.

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