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Falk0un (rvnvariety) wrote,
@ 2003-11-17 23:43:00
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    Current mood: annoyed
    Current music:your mama

    Invader zim is so lame. Such super popular, overly publicized shit. Seems like everyone and their mama likes it. Today alone I must have seen at least 5 invader zim t-shirts, 6 of those iron-on patches on people's bags, 3 folders, and 1 sticker (i took note after noticing the strange pattern). I'm tired of seeing that shit everywhere... It seems to be that it's always a girl too. lol....
    I've also noticed that people think they are so cool when they bust out with their invader zim stuff, or their Jhonen V. comics. Jhonen is cool and all... but a large group of non-cool losers are all up with his stuff now. Just last week That Tana chick was all trying to act cool and asked me, "hey you heard of johnny the homicidal maniac?" and I was like, "yeah...why?" then she was all trying to act slick and pulled a few comics and said," friend lent them to me. Several of them". I was pretty much astonished by how totally stupid she was. I didn't think it could get any worse until she added, "I just got into it". I laughed in her face and said how I'd known of it for about 3 years and how it wasn't new shit. She then got all aired up and mentioned how she had never been into comics before. No shit, wannabe piece of crap. Oh well... I then walked away, probably seemingly arrogant but I was actually happy to put down one of those freakin losers who use cool things to get attention. Sadly enough, JTHM is no longer on my cool list too, due to it's popularity. Things that are cool should just stay underground. I mean, once you start seeing a chain of t-shirts made dedicated to it in a store... then you know something is wrong. Zeph, burn your t-shirts please. I'm tired of seeing them.

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it's zeph
2003-11-19 17:16 (link)
You suck major ass

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