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Falk0un (rvnvariety) wrote,
@ 2003-11-06 14:12:00
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    Current mood: annoyed

    I have a RANT
    Man, this is for the people that are uncreative and call themselves artists....

    Don't call yourself a fucking artist if all you do is one type of style, AND always do 'fanart' or copy poses and already existant characters. That's not fucking art, that's copying. Not very far from tracing. I was looking at a few personal sites yesterday, which were linked by an anime website, and the people had up their 'art galleries'. All they fucking had was their drawings of ALREADY existant anime characters. NOTHING original. There was no creativity in their fucking brains I guess. Although their art was 'ok', it's just annoying to have to see that all the time. I know people like that. In fact, I know MANY. "self proclaimed artists" that can only draw in one way, never experiment with different styles/techniques, and have plain unoriginal art copied off of mangas, screen caps, or posters.

    I am a pretty harsh critic when it comes to art, but when people ask me... I usually lie and say something nice. I'm too nice. I should speak my mind out when asked, but the thing is these people usually claim to like criticism and when you critique them.. they get defensive/ or offended. SO LAME. I think I will work on being blunt about my thoughts about people's art. Although I think no one should ever ask about my opinion, because I'm very very critical of art. If I don't tell you your work is "ultimately gorgeous" then ... you pretty much suck in my eyes. I often say "nice" or "pretty" or "ok" when ... I want to be nice, LOL. And I've caught myself doing that a WHOLE DAMN LOT lately... pfft.

    I think it's both sad and funny at the same time as to how... I take personal enjoyment in looking at other people's art. I will even enjoy looking at the art of people who suck (makes me feel better, I've noticed. LOL). Usually when that happens, i look for improvement or change of techniques. I seem to always ask to see people's work and so forth. Although... then comes the hard part. If I dislike the stuff, I have to hold in my low view of it and pretend that it looks great. That can be noticed if I'm a bit hesitant when answering your "what do you think?" question.

    Now, with this post up. Ask me what I REALLY think of your art, if you are in for it. I only seem to tell the truth when I am overly ecstatic about the work and super excited about it or something. Then me using millions upon millions of adjectives describing how FUCKING BEAUTIFUL it is. If that hasn't happened... then... eh. Sorry =/

    I told Zeph what I really thought of her stuff. She was pissed at first, but understood my criticism and I've noticed some progress in her work! Zeph, you have potential. lol. That sounds like something a teacher would say, even though I'm not a teacher. I'm not even that great at art myself. I feel that I never will because it is something which always changes. She then gave me a kiss on the cheek and was grateful. I'm VERY glad that happened. Thats how everyone should react... lol.

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2003-11-07 23:03 (link)
I thought you had forgotten all about your journal.

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-the z*master
2003-11-07 23:03 (link)
Its Zeph by the way.

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