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Danielle Nicole (ruthlessone20) wrote,
@ 2013-10-13 02:06:00
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    My Insanity
    I know I shouldnt let you treat me like you do
    but I keep running back to you
    because you have awakened so many emotions that Ive missed
    You seem to thrive on how badly you treat me you are getting revenge on all the women that did you wrong
    Let me tell you dear...
    Im not them nor will I ever be them
    I care way too much
    ...and you couldnt care less.

    You make me an emotional basket case
    And you and I both know you wont be there to catch me when I fall
    Im just your back up.. funny how life works
    You accused of me having a back up plan but you are the one guilty of such things.
    So here I am.. on my bleeding knees.
    Im begging you to release from this hell that you started
    I dont deserve this
    I have enough walls as it is
    I have enough ghosts...fears.. mistakes.
    Please dont be another blind mistake..
    I promise you boy, I cant deal with another heart break.
    I will crumble.

    You once said you wanted to see my crazy
    Well here it is, served on a silver platter.
    My sercets uncovered.

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