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~*you're my shooting star*~ (runnersmurf24xc) wrote,
@ 2004-02-17 16:02:00
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    Holy Cow! I havent updated in soo long!! I moved last month, and my house is okay. I painted my room orange and yeller.. It's sexy!! I love it. My house is haunted.. lol. No actually the guy who lived there before killed his wife in my mom's room. Scurry. :-! I also had my bday party. That was wicked cool. There was a band and like 40 some people. I also saw my beautiful Angela. I miss her. I saw her yesterday also at the mall. :-) I've started running again lately. And Indoor Track has been way fun. I miss updating on this bad boy, and i'll try to do it more often, but for now, I dont have internet. Right now I'm at work with Drew. I tried updating at his house, but he has parental controls... silly goose. But we'll have it here in a few weeks. :-D Drew and I have been doing really well. Our friendship has never been better. Of course we have our problems, and lately there has been some things we had to figure out.. not as friends, I mean. We dont fight anymore at all. But there was some "things" we had to take care of. School is going good. I'm out of Civics :-( and into Econ :-(. I have alot more homework. And I hate it. I must go now.. Drew's calling me. :-( talk to you in a few! lov eyous

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