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~*you're my shooting star*~ (runnersmurf24xc) wrote,
@ 2004-01-13 16:33:00
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    Current mood: scared
    Current music:John Mayer

    If your enemies are hungry.. feed them.
    Today I made a decision that I have thought about for.. since.. well Regionals I believe. I am done with running. For now at least. You may say "youre so talented" or "it was one bad race". That's not why. Just a lot of things are why. that sentence made no sense, but I dont care. I need a break.. from everything. and i guess that means running.. my one true love. I guess I need to just worry about grades now. Homework is a biggie.. studying.. everything. I dont want to have friends anymore. I dont really think I'm gonna have a bday party anymore either. So yea. happy bday to me. I just want to be Erin. Alone. For now. Without running, friends.. Drew.

    I also havent been spending time with my family lately. I need to do that. I miss my mom. and Paige.. I miss her too.

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2004-01-14 15:48 (link)
Well... best of luck?

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