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~*you're my shooting star*~ (runnersmurf24xc) wrote,
@ 2003-12-23 12:04:00
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    Current mood: bored
    Current music:Rollie pollie ollie :-p

    My boring survey.
    I am supposed to fill this out on someone I know best.. well ya'll know who that is.. (this doesnt mean I am his friend quite yet...><)

    1. My First Name? Andrew

    2. My Middle Name? Sean

    3. My Last Name? Davidson

    4. My Parents Name? Cassie and Jon (diane and bill are step parents)

    5. My brothers/sisters names? Matt, Colin, Haleigh, Cierra, Ben

    6. Do I have any pets? your bird (tweety I think??), and the dogs.. Zoe and Manard

    7. My birthday? July 8

    8. How old Am I? 16

    9. What color is my hair? brown

    10. What color are my eyes? almost blue/green/grey (depends, I guess)

    11. Do I or have I ever worn contacts or glasses? Dude you have like better than 20/20 vision.. hah

    12. Do I or have I ever had braces? You wear them!

    13. What’s my favorite color? blue.. green.. uh.. I dont know o.o

    14. What’s my favorite song? Well it changes frequently.. but your ALL time must be.. American pie??

    15. What’s my favorite food? Sea food? Chinese food?? ahh...

    16. Who is my favorite person? I would have to say.. Erin? lol or Jason

    17. Who is my best friend? wellll.. me or Jason

    18. Do I have a boyfriend/girlfriend? You did have a GREAT one.. lol.. but you couldnt handle her greatness ;-)

    19. If so, whom? was me.. lol

    20. How long have I been with them? uh, I think just under 7 months.. or was it 8? lemme count. SEVEN :-)

    21. Do I love them? As a best friend :-D

    22. Have I ever had sex? *cough*

    23. What do you think I’ll be when I get out of school? Male stripper???! LOL, I mean lawyer or chef.

    24. Am I nice? most of the time

    25. Am I good looking? Better than most

    26. Am I hot? not as hot as Jbiggs.. sorry but you dont come close :-p

    27. Am I beautiful? we're all beautiful on the inside...

    28. Am I ugly? not at all

    29. Am I mean? at times

    30. Am I rude? actually, youre one of the most polite friends I have

    31. What would one word to describe my personality be? crazy :o)

    32. What would one word to describe my looks be? 800-ton gorilla :o

    33. Do you like to be around me? hope so :-)

    34. Would you ever kiss me? You have.. several million times

    35. Have you ever kissed me? yep

    36. Do you think I am or I would be a good kisser? on the scale of 1-10...[[ 1 . . . 5 . . * . 10 ]]

    37. Would you ever date me? not again

    38. Have you ever dated me? yep

    39. Do you love me? I thought I did.. but as a friend, of course.

    40. Have you ever loved me? As a friend.. definitely.. as a bf? maybe..

    41. Could you ever love me? Youre a great one.. of course (as a FRRIIENND :-p)

    42. Do you hate me? I've tried.. doesnt quite work, sir

    43. Have you ever hated me? sometimes I want to choke you..

    44. Could you ever hate me? Like I said, I've tried.. doesnt quite work :p

    45. Would you ever have sex with me? *sneeze*

    46. Have you ever had sex with me? mmmkay.. too many personal questions.. lol..

    47. Would you ever marry me? I only marry straight people.. jk.. You would make a good husband.. but no

    48. Do you think I’d be a good husband/wife? yes, youre caring. and fun

    49. Would you ever have kids with me? Our kids would be the GREATEST!!!

    50. Do you think I’d be a good father/mother? better than me! :o

    51. What do you think I’ll be when I get out of school? haven't we already gone over this?

    52. Do you think I’ll ever get married? yes

    53. Where do you see me in 10 years? as a nudist

    54. Do you think I am a good person? yes, actually

    55. What is my favorite thing to do? your finger? wait.. lol.. um, I dont know actually. You do alot of things

    56. Write a sentence about me stating how you feel about me… Youre my bestest friend :-D

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