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~*you're my shooting star*~ (runnersmurf24xc) wrote,
@ 2003-12-22 09:36:00
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    Current mood: pissed off

    butt wiper
    Yep. Today was supposed to be when Drew and I exchange gifts. But no. He wont even come to Clio to get them. We were supposed to see Ang today, but I have no ride and he wont take me. He's just mad b/c i talked to tiffany. And Curtis is basically calling me a whore. I'm not. I'm faaar from it. I dont care what you people think of me!! I DONT. That Eric kid also called me last night. Which was kinda funny. He's another Steve kandow.. lmao. Drew's mad at that too. Am I NOT allowed to have friends??? I think good ol Mr. Rheinhardt was right.. no more Drew.. for a long time. I freakin need a break. For real this time. And Drew also told his dad... about that 'one thing' that curtis keeps calling me on.. Why?? I'm not sure. I love his dad, his dad loves me.. but if for some reason, he gets knocked off his rocker, he may just go tell Drew's mom, too. She'd flip. She'd never want to talk to me or see me again. And I would feel bad. But I guess it doesnt matter anyway, since I'm not talking to Drew.. This is sooo 7th grade, I swear. We should be on 7th heaven or some crap like that. Let me know of any auditions.. I'd be more than happy to be on some crappy little kid soap opera.

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