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~*you're my shooting star*~ (runnersmurf24xc) wrote,
@ 2003-12-21 19:40:00
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    Current mood: surprised
    Current music:Simple plan~ i'm just a kid

    -Last night-

    The coolest thing happened. I was online last night, and all of a sudden TIFFANY IM's me. That never happens. So we start talking, and we ended up talking for like 2 hours. (shh. people cant know this.. ) Anyway, she's really funny. And I realized this last summer when we went shopping with Chase. But we never really hung out again after that. Mostly b/c people talk so much shit at our school. And i'm sick of it. But Drew always says how she's constantly mad at him. And so I just thought she was a bitch. But she explained her side of the story, and I just realized something.. Drew just doesnt understand girls.. at all. Thank God he's gay. lol Well, she also helped me see that Drew is so easily made perfect in your eyes. And he's absolutely not.. And by all means, HE'S A GUY, so of course he's far from perfect. lol Appearantly she went thru the same thing. And I feel good talking to her about everything. It was weird.. she told me some secrets, and i told her some secrets.. but those secrets would never be told to Drew.. and I dont even talk to her.


    Today we had that Xmas party at my Aunts. It was all going good til Tristan tripped. He had to get stitches, and the skin broke all the way thru by his eye. Poor guy. It was all swollen up and stuff. I havent even seen it yet, b/c they left really fast, and now he's sleeping.

    Eric just im'd me. That really mean gay kid who said HORRIBLE. Now I'm on the phone with him.

    So let me get this straight.. Last night I talked to Tiff for 2 hours, now Eric on the phone?? Oh man.. Drew may just piss his pants.. that is if I tell him.

    I must go. I need to breathe.

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2003-12-21 22:22 (link)
That's madd cool that you talked to her

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2003-12-21 22:23 (link)
oh yesth it was

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