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~*you're my shooting star*~ (runnersmurf24xc) wrote,
@ 2003-12-13 17:58:00
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    Current mood: sick
    Current music:Blink 182

    FLU BUG!!!
    Oh man alive! I have the flu! :-/ I'm grounded, and everyone is at Anna's party! :-( Drew stopped by to talk to me for a bit (shhh). My mom is gone with Joe at a meeting, and I'm watching Tristan while Paige is at Mariah's. NOT my idea of fun... I feel so sick.

    Today while driving, I almost died. (well, not really) but a ZILLION cars CUT ME OFF. I was pissed. And my driving partner didnt show up so my mom had to ride with us b/c legally Mr. Chapel cant ride with me alone. yea, fun.

    man, nothing sounds good to eat. the only good thing of this day is seeing Drew when I'm grounded. He makes me smile whether I'm sad or not. I mean, it's so pathetic, when I'm sick, I CRY over everything. I couldnt find the mayonaise, and I cried. And Drew was upset about something so stupid, and I cried. LOL.. I'm a freak.

    Well, Tristan is begging for something.. and he'll black mail the drew scenario if I dont go.. I'll see yas.

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