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~*you're my shooting star*~ (runnersmurf24xc) wrote,
@ 2003-12-12 16:30:00
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    Current mood:needy
    Current music:Bowling for Soup~ Punk Rock 101

    hit me baby one more time
    I remember when Ang used to come over and play with this doll she called Britney Spears. LOL.. great times :-)

    Yesterday, at our school, there was a 'walkout'. I most certainly didnt participate in it. I disagree in a WAY about our Superintendant's decision on firing the principal, but people are getting out of hand. So, I didnt feel like getting suspended for something I didnt fully support. Today people were wearing shirts that said "hail Fay" like they did back during the Hitler Age. (our superintendant's name is Fay). It is becoming ridiculous. Our school is constantly on the news from all the riots. And it's turning into the time when we had all those bomb threats back in 6th-7th grade. GAAH stupid people.

    Today was boring, and it never ended. And I dont feel good. I think i'm gonna end up with Strep throat here, soon. Drew has signs of it also.. :-/. I'm also grounded for the weekend so that means I cant go to Anna's party, and I'm mad. ugh. Oh well.. Jillian cant go either b/c SHE got grounded aswell. And so there will be only 3 toh's at that party. How sad. :-(

    I need a friend to talk to. I just want a hug. hugs are one of my favorite things in the entire world :-)

    I must be going now, I'm going to update my prof. for AOL

    Have a good day, friends, and I'll try (TRYYY) to comment in a few! xoxErin

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2003-12-12 17:16 (link)
HEY! Don't diss da doll! I loved her! hahahahaha. Britney! She rocked.

Oh and those polly pockets. The over sized ones. God, your sister's toys were kool.

What happened with the walkout? SOUNDS INTERESTING. Nothing cool EVER happens in Grand Blanc, so this is a time I wish I were back in Clio!

OH! I remember those bomb threats! Like every week, haha it was ghetto. Didn't Zac do one?? I remember Zac. I miss him. I actually had a dream about him last night. Whenever I dream about him I get this really weird undescribable feeling. I really want to see him once more! I'm thinking about going on a search for him. I'm NOT even joking.

Love you!!

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2003-12-12 17:48 (link)
lol, ang.. a search? haha, he probably died or something.. heh.

The walkout was in support of our principal who just got fired. And now people are planning on doing a sit in. Like, they're gonna go into the gym b4 school and just sit. and not go to class. it's dumb and it's getting out of control. There was a designated time for the walkout- Thursday right when the reading bell rings. And only 2 people from my class left.. 0 from drew's.. but others had like 1/2.. or even the whole. And alot of people werent even doing it for the cause.. just to get out of class.. Which made no sense, b/c they got suspended anyway. Stupid.

I love you to! And your little-kid-toy obsessions ;-)

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2003-12-12 23:11 (link)
everyone got suspended?! if like 1/2 the school did it, how did they nail every single person???

oh. was he/she even a good principal? is it worth all this?

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2003-12-13 08:32 (link)
After the walkouts, teachers were told to take attendance, and to write down anyone who walked out. And today, they called people one by one to the office. And everyone got suspended for Monday. And if you 'organized it' you got longer. I dont know how they know if you organized it though.. hm..

Yea, he was okay. But the only reason peoplea re pissed is b/c he's not allowed on school property for the rest of the year, and that means he cant go to the senior's graduation.

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2003-12-12 21:08 (link)
I remember that, too

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2003-12-13 08:33 (link)
what do youremember?

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