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~*you're my shooting star*~ (runnersmurf24xc) wrote,
@ 2003-12-07 20:07:00
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    Current mood: happy
    Current music:Jennifer Love Hewitt~ Naked

    Can you look me in the eyes, and tell me that your happy now?
    wow wow wow!! Has this been a freakin crazy weekend or WHAT??!! So many things have happened since Friday, and it allseems like the course of a year! Wow, I'm sooo happy!

    Went to drivers ed at like 10. I drove with Mr. Chapel on the range since we were out of cars. Everyone else was jus tlike "haha you rode wit chapel.." but dude, I had a NEW car, and all their's were ghetto! And I love mr. Chapel. He's soo funny. haha, he said I wasnt a woman b/c my HIPS werent developed.. weirdo.
    Then we went shopping. I didnt get a single thing at the mall, and either did Drew. But Jason found a ton of stuff for his family and ME!! (the sexy beatles poster!) Then we headed off to Kmart. Still, I got nothing. But oh well. We brought Jason back home at like 4ish and cleaned out the car.. holy crap, it hasnt been cleaned since States! Over a month.. and I SWEAR there was ants in that thing.. crawling around on this plate that was under the seat.. from the time we made monkey bread.. when we watched Misery! lol.. he's so gross. :-) Then we headed out to Buell Lake.. hmm lets just say we had a "Titanic scene"... and leave it at that ;-) We went to work afterwards, and I couldnt move the tables b/c of my back, so I helped with the chairs. On the way back, we were going down Clio Rd. And there was a speed limit of 45. Well, since Drew got pulled over on Nov. 20th, he always uses cruise control. All of a sudden we see lights and a cop pulls us over. Drew panicked!! He frantically searched for his wallet, and BURST into tears. He looked at me and said "I've lost my license.. mom's gonna kill me". The cop walked back and GLANCED at the license and said "Andrew, were you in a hurry tonight?" Then Drew told him about his cruise control being set on 45. And the cop was like "I had you clocked at 60." The cop gave Drew back his license and said "have a nice day".. HOLY CRAP!!! Even if he was just going to CHECK his name in the comp., and not give him a ticket, Drew woulda been -SCREWEDDDD!- He has 2 points and got a ticket less than a month ago! That was -sooo- unbelievably close! He was panicked still, so we just sat there for a minute or two.

    Afterwards, we went to Midnite Video, and got Boat Trip and Bend it like Beckham. We watched Boat Trip last night.. or at least we SAID we watched it.... ;-) funtastic times.. and this may sound weird, but my lips are numb.. hehe.. you know what i mean ;-)

    Woke up at like 9ish. I soo badly wanted to sleep in. I only got 2 1/2 hours the night before, and I couldnt fall asleep last night.. SOO much on my mind.. soooo much. But my mom, FOR NO reason, walks in and starts randomly talking about NOTHING! lol.. Then I couldnt fall back asleep. I had the BEST tasting oatmeal in my entire life!! :-D -orgasm!- At around 11:30, Drew brought me some Subway and we did our Bio h/w. Well, actually we just sat there. We put this off all week. We decided to go to his house and do it instead, since he had glue. Right when we started to do it, we got a tad distracted, and put it off for another hour. Lemme add that this dumb project wouldve taked 5 minutes of my time.. but no. I'm lazy, and so is Drewster. 8-D He went outside to put up Xmas lights with Bill and his siblings, and I helped his mom make dinner. Then we went and got running clothes for me so we could run, but didnt end up doing it.. LAZINESS :-).. we ate the best steak I've had in the longest time... yummmmie!! I wanted to go to work with him again, but my mommie said no. So I'm here now.. typin away and telling you all how I had a SUPER GREAT weekend. Greatness I tell ya!!

    Seriously, though, this weekend has been phenomenol!!! Awesome, grand, spectacular.. Everything I could imagine. I'm so happy things are back the way they were.. and I am aware of everything. I love him, man.. I dont think I can begin to explain the greatness of this guy.. 7 1/2 years of friendship with the biggest influence of my entire life.. it's changed me.. into a better person.. I love it! :-DDD

    Now I'm off to watch American dreams!! byeee!!! -erin-

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2003-12-07 21:25 (link)
Son, that was long

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2003-12-08 21:05 (link)
teehee... sowwy 8-)

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