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~*you're my shooting star*~ (runnersmurf24xc) wrote,
@ 2003-12-05 15:15:00
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    Current music:jarule~ mezmerized

    weirdness, man!! :-D
    hey hey..

    Hopefully Angela is a -TAD- bit better :-) I love ya babe.

    Also, where in the heck has Travis been?? woah! havent talked to him in forever and a half!

    Today was so weird! Holy cow, I'm so hyper.. but in the weirdest way. I cant explain my feelings! lol.. it's crazy.

    I got a bloody nose in 1st and 2nd hour and Mrs. Emery thought I was doing drugs. ACCUTANE, chick. lol So I got called down to the office and had to call home about. 3rd hour we had a sub -thank god- and 4th hour we had a quiz, but I got out of it, b/c of my office trip. woo. I'm kinda glad b/c I didnt study for the thing. ;-) 5th hour I finished my Spanish paper, and 6th hour I got scolded for asking Jaloszynski "personal" questions. lol.. woopsie. I wont do that anymore.. lol

    I didnt stay after to lift today b/c Drew hadda work. I'm gonna run here in a minute or so. But I wont getta lift.. :-/ oh well hehe.. I'm sore anyway.

    In 6th hour, drew and I were having an indept convo.. and he went to finish it. But Jason was in the car. So when we pulled into my driveway, we booted Jason outta the car and made him stand in the cold.. lol. Well Jason doesnt know what in the world is going on between me and drew, and so he thinks it's completely over between us. Well, all of a sudden, Drew and I just randomly started kissing and Jason pounded on the window. Hah.. Drew cut my lip.. I forgetted he had braces! lol..

    I went into teh house after the great convo, and dude.. I started laughign.. and crying all at the same freakin time! It was funny! lol

    I have to go.. I gotta march in the Candle Light Parade.. wee :-/ Peace out

    -huggage and kissage-

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