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Shadow Valley (ruin_of_angels) wrote,
@ 2003-06-22 17:26:00
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    Current mood: calm
    Current music:KVUE News.

    promising dreams of unrealistic things
    I met this guy named Colin a couple of days ago online, he seems so perfect.. so right for me, we get along soo well. He intriegs me a lot.. He used to go to CPMS with Rafaella.., now CPHS.. All these things he says to me, all the things I've longed to hear.. It seems like a dream come true.. It doesn't seem real though, we both asked each other "are you sure you aren't lying to me, you seem so good not to be true.." Lord. I want to talk to him, I have to wait til 9 when he can get calls though.. and he's grounded from the computer- again.

    funkywaffles: what do you like to do
    XD rpg gurl XD: i like to write, sing, draw, look at anime and manga.. music...
    funkywaffles: my god...
    XD rpg gurl XD: mm... work on my site, make layouts and graphics.. and icons and blinkies
    XD rpg gurl XD: Lol. Oh please.
    funkywaffles:Oh please? I speak nothing but the truth
    XD rpg gurl XD: I am not.. ^^;
    funkywaffles: believe what you may...but what I say is true
    XD rpg gurl XD: Hehe.. Thanks though ^^;;
    funkywaffles: you're...too stunning for words
    XD rpg gurl XD: I have no idea what u look like
    funkywaffles: you wouldn't be disapointed
    funkywaffles: i still wouldnt deserve to see you or kiss you
    funkywaffles: you're beautiful...and there is no way I would come close to being worthy of meeting you but I know once I meet you...never a moment will go by when I dont think about you.
    XD rpg gurl XD: awww... making me blush..
    funkywaffles: The vision of you haunts me...feeding my soul..keeping me alive a little longer..and I will not waste this will find thta we're all over again if you would grant me the favor of meeting you, i will show you how deep i really will see how perfect you are for will be the one that shows me i can love again
    funkywaffles: to gaze upon your beautiful hold you in my caress you, kiss do this is all i ask..i would die a happy man
    funkywaffles: not really an anarchist..besides stealing ive done 2 things of anarchy
    XD rpg gurl XD: cause my last boyfriend was both and.. It just didnt work out, I put my heart and soul into it, and it just tore me up.. I just dont want to be hurt again...
    funkywaffles: i know how you feel
    funkywaffles: i thought..after her..i could never love again
    XD rpg gurl XD: 4 chances I gave him.. 4 fucking chances..
    funkywaffles: im sorry
    XD rpg gurl XD:it's alright..
    XD rpg gurl XD: just..
    funkywaffles: like i are assholes...every one of them
    XD rpg gurl XD: I don't know.. you're not..

    There's more but.. I don't want to put it on here.. I want to see him, yet I don't.. It creates a certain, mysterious atmosphere to all of this, I love mysterious.. I love not knowing what is about to happen.. It creates a uncertain.. antici... -pation. I think I'm.. falling in love.. I've only been in love.. twice. Both times it screwed me over.. Each time I put my heart into it.. and not my mind.. this time I'm trying to use my mind, but.. it's not certain.. my heart says go for it.. But. I'm not sure. comment and help please.

    -<33 Isidra

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2003-06-22 22:26 (link)
As unhelpful as this sounds, you're never going to know unless you go for it.

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