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eric brooks (rufioo) wrote,
@ 2003-11-24 14:30:00
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    Current mood: okay
    Current music:up syndrome // my kung fu is your meth

    mod 3!!
    hey everyone whats up i just got home from school. it was pretty good. spanish was awesome.. i got a 93 on the big test, and i think i did so well because i did all my homework which provided a good review for me. the semi was friday, it was hella cool. i had fun, dressed up like a p.i.m.p., ya know, the works. theres a new upsyndrome song on their mp3 site its awesome!!! like all their songs are wicked simple but super catchy. i also went to the mall on saturday night with mike heather kim and jay. good times right thurr. in spanish today i came up with a cool concept for a neat game, while shaun made up the guidelines and rules for the game, and alex came up with the title: which is humbly named MOD 3, after the room in which it originated in!! good stuff right thurr. ok well this is a really quick update ill write back later on this week. only 2 and a half days of school this week!! pep rally on wednesday!! yay!!! heres a pic from the semi:

    from left to right, thats mike, heidi, me, stacey, and shaun. fun night!!! ok im out! <3 eric

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2003-11-24 20:12 (link)
man have i got some comments for you. that game is so awesome but it would suck without that great name. of course you know that because you know all about naming stuff after room numbers. hey remember when you spit your gum out on the desk today. that was awkward. so was when the dog/wolf/lamb was doing some major dry humpage. ha and you said you did your homework? no you didn't, just that time you had your homework pass. you must have cheated on that test you bastard. i'm not going to school wednesday because i'm just that cool. thats a hot pic but what the hell is wrong with shaun? he looks half evil and half retarded, not to mention it looks like he has cum stains on him. and were was corrine in this pic? is she going out with tony? it says "Love you Corrine" on his away message. man, this is the most commenty comment in the history of comments. i think i'm done now. bye.... oh yeah, can't wait for VIRTUAL MOD 3!!!

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2003-11-26 22:22 (link)
Awesome layout. I love your music interests.

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