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eric brooks (rufioo) wrote,
@ 2003-11-07 19:22:00
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    Current mood: cold
    Current music:from first to last - my heart your hands

    blink fuckin rocks!!!!!!!!
    hey gangstazz!!! hows it goin??? its goin AWESOME for me!! we got our report cards today.. i have all b's and of course my dad is pissed.. but i dont care.. last night i went to the blink show at the avalon with tom mike and my sister. it was fuckin awesome!!!!! mike almost didnt go.. good thing he did tho.. but yeah the first band, the kinison, absolutely BLEW! the music and shit wasnt that bad.. but the singer fuckin sucked. he had a tight pink tank top on and he kept bending over so we could all see his asscrack.. NOT COOL!! that guy sucked. haha everyone was flipping him off and shit. then bubba sparxxx came on.. haha.. it almost seemed like a joke that he was there but whatever.. then after like a half hour of preventing fat guys in sweatshirts from falling on top of me blink came on. it was so fuckin cool to see them there cuz its a small venue so me and mike made our way over so we were like 30 feet away from tom. it was fuckin sweet!!!! shit it was rad. but yeah idk thats about it for now.. comment peeps!! <3 eric

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2003-11-07 22:09 (link)
ur lucky that blink came near you, they arn't comming here. Va blows.
but i'm going to go see alkaline trio and from autumn to ashes wed., so that should b cool.
last week i saw brand*new and the week before that i met story of the year and
yellowcard, they were pretty cool..

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2003-11-08 11:36 (link)
lucky bastard. i'm going to see blink with soco and sr71 in december, i got the tickets today. you paid a buck and i'm paying like fourty-five. not fair.

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2003-11-08 14:40 (link)
oh its with eve 6 not sr71

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2003-11-08 14:11 (link)
yeah it rocked the highrise

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