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Seventh Sense Promotions (seventh_speaks) wrote in rpg_ads,
@ 2005-11-12 11:55:00
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    When Voldemort rose the first time, the world stood opposed, and eventually, through skill and luck and even the use of treachery, brought him down. But the first time Voldemort fell, he created a prophecy out of the child that was his undoing - Harry Potter.

    When Voldemort rose again, Harry Potter was the witness who survived their encounter. He was the one to bear the news back to a world that did not want to believe that the man who had created the Death Eaters and who plunged their world into war without even a thought of consequences could live again. The world denied it, for a time.

    Eventually, the world fought him. It was a war that was half unseen; the Muggles knew that things were different, but they did not know why. The second rise of Voldemort was written only in histories that were secret to Muggles, the ones they did not know, did not even suspect the existence of. They suffered and bled and died for a world they knew nothing of.

    When Voldemort fell the second time, the wizarding world breathed a sigh of relief. This time, they told themselves, he was incontrovertibly dead, there could be no question. The world moved on. A party atmosphere hung over Diagon Alley, Hogsmeade, and the innumerable smaller wizarding sections of the cities of Europe. A corresponding gloom and quiet hung over Knockturn Alley - but nobody cared.

    The first fall of Voldemort created a prophecy and paved the way for years of suffering and military mobilisation unseen for centuries - for this was the first time there had been no Muggle war at the same time.

    The second fall of Voldemort created injustice. Those who were unfairly punished, those who went unpunished, those who were treated with the slight superiority that winners show to losers, those were the ones who felt the injustice.

    Their Lord is rising again.

    They have no reason to stop him.

    The winners have no weapon to fight him.


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