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Christine (roxybabez4) wrote,
@ 2003-09-16 15:27:00
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    Current mood: excited
    Current music:Vertical Horizon- Still Here

    maybe today, is gonna be okay after all...
    hey hey... it feels like i havent written in here ferevah. well sunday, we went to church and linz and her family were there... then we went to the library because my brother had to get some shit for school. then we picked lindsay up and went to Penney's where we walked around in the husky boys section and made fun of gangsta kelly. ha. then we went to burger king and then main street where we walked like 541651 miles... and didn't buy anything. then, i decided that we should go to the mall... so we did. and then we shopped and went in each store like twice and we bought some shirts. *sigh* i have so much to say! and then... lindsays mom picked us up and we went home and i did my homework i put off all weekend. now its tuesday. it rained like a bitch yesterday causing major flooding and i didn't get home until like 4 and the bus was filled with like a million kids and it smelled like hot ass. now, hurricane isabel is on the way & we're all gonna die. haha no j.k but it really is coming i think. today was cool... i was about to shoot lippy in ECE for taking my baby's name, erica cried (again)... haha okay well im done now. oh yea and im goin shopping tonight with my mom at boscovs. word. peace homies*

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