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Kaitlin Michelle (rottenwishes) wrote,
@ 2003-04-16 22:24:00
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    Current mood:pissed off
    Current music:Dead Poetic of Course

    Well I went to the mall today. I figured out I'm to fat for summer. I despise skirts. YES everyone Kaitlin put on a skirt. It fit but I looked fat. I am fat. And I tried a bikini on too mind you. That fit too. But because I have SUCH HUMONGUS BOOBS, there wasnt enough support. HaHa. I have no boobs. But okay.

    Yah well, some really hot guy was talking to me [as he was making my sub] about music. And a show [that I'm to young to go to]

    Blah Blah. I hate being fat. And when Im depressed I eaither eat or cut. Yah, What choices I have. Those are the only things that makes me feel in the least bit better.

    Is hair-pulling a form a S.I.? Or how about scraping you skin off with your nails?

    Yah well, after the mall Lee and I took a walk down by Big Lots. Then as we were walking home we saw Tuna, Marleah, Matt, and two other guys. I said hi and then pretty much went home? Blurb. I lead such an exciting life.


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2003-04-16 23:21 (link)
Hair-pulling is a form of SI.

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2003-04-17 19:16 (link)
yeah, i think it's called trichotillomania

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2003-04-16 23:55 (link)
what does SI stand for? i could care less what i do is called or what catagory it falls under ... haha i cant even spell the word why would i care about it! ...

oH and also .... i know your enraged cause you didnt get any of my pizza rolls kaitlin michizlle and i know your enraged that you didnt sit around all day and watch i love the 80s instead of walking with lee or whatever

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2003-04-17 12:19 (link)
SI stands for Self Injury..

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2003-04-17 03:43 (link)
skirts are easier to make babies in. ;D


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