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Kaitlin Michelle (rottenwishes) wrote,
@ 2003-04-15 22:26:00
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    Current mood:lonely

    Well I was right! [normally I enjoy being right, not this time]. They never came to get me. Alex did though. I convinced him to walk to Lees with me. They were just leaving to get food. We walked back to my house to get money and I had to squirt Corey with the hose. We had a REALLY long water war. Everyone was drenched. It felt great. Then we left to grab something to eat. Taco Bell:]. Coreys girlfriends say me holding his hand. They broke up today. I hit Lee in the balls with a nickel. He got really mad. I didnt do it on purpose. And I didnt do it that hard. But he wouldnt hardly talk to me untill an hour ago. [the nickel insident was at like 4 and its 1030 now].

    Anyway, after snake hunting, we went to the WAY back of the woods by the cemetary. Thats where a girl died. She sofacated under the sand. The sand that everyone [EXCEPT Ash and I] was jumping off of. I was scared. I think Ashley started crying. They almost died. Grr.

    So, we finally decided to leave and everyone left Alex and I behind. He pulled me down ontop of him and kissed me. I didnt want to kiss him, but i didnt stop him. [Sorry Alex I still love you]. I just cant get over Lee. So, we got out AFTER everyone else. Amanda asked me what we did or what ever and I said nothing. Cause 1, I didnt want to kiss him and 2, I didnt want to say it infront of Lee cause I still like him. But Alex told her and she flipped out on me and her and Ash wouldnt talk to me. So thats 3 out of the 5 people not talking to me now.

    So we left the cemetary and went to ashes so she could change. And then we walked to Lees. Amanda and Ash started talking to me again. But Lee was still pissed. I went to lay down in his room and he told me to get out. He went to take a shower and i almost fell asleep so I never left his room. When he got out of the shower, I guess he was pissed that I was still there. By now he was DEFFINATLY not talking to me.

    They were all getting ready to leave to walk around, but I left. It didnt seem like anyone wanted me there. I wanted to cry. [yes i know im a baby]. So I walked myself home in the dark and got bitched at by my mom. Then I got the computer taken away. So I took a bath. Alex came over but left. I cried some more.

    I went upstairs and put my pjs on. I went and sat outside. Then, I went back inside, grabbed the Cell phone and left. I was honked at and called a fucking whore by some people in a red car. Oh they waved too. I saw Alex. Him and Ashley/Amanda got into a fight. He was heading home. Then I saw Ash, Amanda, and Lee. We attempted to walk ash and amanda home but Lee had to stop at his house and Ash and Amanda kept walking. Lee walked me home. We talking about what happened with Alex. He hugged me. He went from not talking to me.. to hugging me.

    I like hugging him.

    It make me feel safe.

    Amanda just informed me that she wanted to go get me but noone heard her.
    So yah, just clearing thigs up?

    I could really use some alcohol right now.

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2003-04-15 23:03 (link)
stop yelling at my katey! you dirty overjealous whores!! she doesnt do anything wrong, fuck off...god dammit. nothing personal. :D


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2003-04-16 01:30 (link)
added you, add me back porfaplease =ox

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