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i don't mind the horror that surrounds me (rotfromview) wrote,
@ 2003-06-09 03:39:00
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    51kg, that's about 112.something lb, or a bit over 8st according to some online weight converter. this is good. now i need to keep up the good work.
    i ate lots today, though... shit. but still... this is really good.

    i need to be thin.

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2003-06-09 04:00 (link)
cool. i haven't been that weight since i was 11. but then i'm big anyway. hope you're well. i read on proana that you want to have someone to get thin with. if you wanna do it over the net then i'll do it with you. I don't have scales so i can't monitor daily progress. What's your regime? I'm having a meal in the evenings because often that's when i have to talk to people and I tend to get tipped towards hallucinations quite easily (lack of sleep, food, water, etc in any small amount).

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2003-06-09 09:14 (link)
yeah, i'll do it with you. thanks.
i don't have scales either, i have to weigh myself at my friend's house or at my mum's (i live with dad).
i have to eat once a day most of the time, sometimes more because dad's on my back about eating, but i try to keep it down to a minimum and drink water and tea instead. and i smoke like a fucking chimney, which helps.
dad's going to be away from thurs-sunday, which means i'll be able to eat as little as i can without anyone nagging.

anyway, keep in touch. my email is


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2003-11-25 04:32 (link)
hey, you haven't posted for ages. I'm wondering where you are. do you even still exist?


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2003-06-09 11:50 (link)
Hey kiddo!
You're doing great! Don't worry about one day, think of it this way... one day a week keeps your metabolism from slowing down, cuz your body isn't adjusting to the small intake...
Stay positive!

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2003-06-09 12:51 (link)
thanks! that helps a lot :) i've eaten today too, my dad's got the day off work and he's making sure i eat. so i'm just going to eat as "normally" as i can while still eating little, so he doesn't get suspicious. he'll be on a late shift tomorrow and wednesday, and on thursday he goes away until sunday, which means no one can look after how much i eat, and i'll be able to hopefully fast, or at least eat as little as i'm able to. i'm keeping my mind on that, and staying positive :)

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2003-06-09 15:16 (link)
Glad to hear it! I know you can do it.

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