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Lita (roswell69) wrote,
@ 2005-03-28 21:29:00
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    What I Look For In A Girl
    PersonalityFunny, sweet, loyal, creative, sarcastic, serious, aggressive where it counts, compassionate, competitive, a good speller,
    LooksStud ( baggy pants, hair in braids, light to dark skinned,) or Fem( Long hair, light to dark skinned, cleavage bearing tops, tight pants) Either has to have green to brown eyes. ( Contacts count)
    CharacterShe has to be truthful and sincere, be loving and honesty. She has to be honest.
    Sense of HumorShe has to have one
    Kind She has to be kind. I don't want a girl whose a sociopath.
    Loving I want to be able to cuddle up to her, or have her lay one me & we don't do anything but just sit there be comfortable.
    SweetHell yes but not too sweet in that she'll sell the farm to help out the bum across the street.
    PassionateShe has to be able to feel and be able hate with a passion
    RomanticNot too romantic. I don't like holding hands or making out to show we're in love. We know we're love and we don't have to show it to anyone but ourselves. That being said, I would like her to surprise me with candles and flowers
    CaringShe has to have a caring backbone, or I'll feel like I'm nothing
    Likes KidsShe can like children. She shouldn't want any right way, and feel okay with adoption
    Enjoys sexI'm a scoripo. I tend to want to try all sorts of sex things out so she hould be open to everything. Except urinating,defecting, licking or doing anything to the butt or the toes. (That's just sick man)
    Enjoys Nature She can like it. After all, we'll be having sex in it so yeah.
    Enjoys CuddlingYES!!! Without cuddling, there will be no sex
    Enjoys Being TogetherIf we can't enjoy being together, then why the fuck are we together in the first place?
    Has RespectI hate feeling as if I'm a child and I'll try to give a person respect unless they offend me.
    Tolerant of my neurotic tendencies and she'll still be there to listen to me and tell me that she believes in me.
    LiberalLiberal in sex? or Liberal in politcs?
    Doesn't JudgeConsidering we're a lesbian couple, its got to be a given that she can't judge others. Unless their assholes.
    Not PrejudiceI dislike prejudiced people, because they never know what their talking about.
    Not RascistsThat'll be a problem if she is since I love all women regardless of their race.
    Doesn't DiscriminateGiven unless its to people who tell her that she's going to hell. Then she can discriminate against that person as much as she wants.
    Likes Porn Without porn, who else could we fantasize about?
    Likes AnimalsShe has to like cats. Dogs I don't care. But she has to like cats, because one of my ex crushes kicked a cat and messed her foot up.
    OutgoingIt'll be better if she's the outgoing type. I'll stay at home with the kids and she can go out to the club.
    Has Similar InterestsWe have to have at least 2 things that we like, in order to be a couple.
    HonestIf she's not, I'll be pissed off


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