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Erica's Journal (rosey_360) wrote,
@ 2004-04-07 16:41:00
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    Current mood: loved
    Current music:take me away- fefe dobson

    hey, again its been awhile but ive been so busy latly i havent had the time...quite a bit has happened in recent times though. That girl Sam that i talked about in my last entry is no longer my friend. Nicole transfered schools and she goes to All Saints now to so Sam has been harrasing nicole and nicole has done nothing to deserve it so she went to the vice-principal and got that sprted out somewhat. Now i had nothing to do with it at all and Sam decided she was going to stop tlkaing to first i was kinda hurt by it but now iam like okay what the fuck?!?!? she can go to hell i really dont are anymore, if shes going to ignore me becuase of something i didnt do then she was never a freind to begin with. so ya on a happier note that guy that Nicole wanted to set me up with. Well she gav ehim my email addy and we talkd for like 3 hours eveynight before we met in perason and when we met he asked me out :D:D:D:D...hes the greatest guy to have ever walked on this planet. Yesterday was our one month and he told me that he wasnt going to be able to see me or antyhing so all day i was really sad. and then on my way home from co-op i had a very pleasnt suprise waiting for me outside the school where i do co-op... he suprised me and he walked me home and thenw e hung out at my house until 6...then before he left i gave him his gift and he wasnt able to get mine after school so he was going to give it to me on friday when i was seeing him next. ut about a half an hour later he came back to my house and he had tyhe cutest stuffed animal and a rose for me :D:D:D:D:D:D:D hes sooooo awesome. hes hot, hes sweet, and funny, and smart, and he shows me respect and for someone whose never had a girlfriend before he knows exactly how to treat one properly. hes defiantly the greatest. to live without him is to not live at all < like a said a few things have happebned in the past month and a bit...but i have to go now to finish my chemistry lab "yay"...byesbyes fro now

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